It’s also not as expensive, which is one of the most appealing factors to consumers with a budget. List of the Cons of Acacia Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture. You’ll need to redraw the grain marks to keep the look consistent, which can be challenging if the area of repair is extensive. Industrial uses for acacia wood include creating fragrances and essential oils. 4.0 out of 5 stars 12. Best Acacia Wood Outdoor Chairs and Benches. Acacia consists of hardwood trees and shrubs that originate in Australia. The perfect collection to add a simple touch, Outstanding quality of wood that gives an exceptional new experience, and its magnificent light rustic finishing which simply provides a multifunctional item.

Because there are two valuable products that come from one tree variety, the harvesting expenses are lower than they would normally be. It is … This way, the pieces will darken evenly. You must avoid areas with heat when using this natural material. It is common for homeowners to plant acacia gardens from the acacia tree. And would it be the right choice for your patio furniture? You will want to wipe down your outdoor patio furniture with a slightly damp rag every day to remove any accumulated dust. The sap from this tree is Arabic gum, which is useful in a variety of applications, including medicines and food products. Since people often want to get rid of it, there is a high level of availability for this product as well. Acacia wood is quite sensitive to moisture, even humidity in the air. That makes a limited part of the tree available for harvesting for furniture items.

If you live in the desert or an area with consistently low humidity, then you will want to add some moisture to your patio environment to ensure that it doesn’t have a chance to dry out. One of the great things about Acacia wood is its sustainability. The timber that can be used from acacia, therefore, tends to be on the thinner side. Therefore, we try our best to fulfil the … Again, this is my opinion on the value of your total investment. It's also very strong, so acacia wood is also used for making beams that support buildings. The trees can grow fairly tall, but most of them get harvested when they are shorter and stubbier. Even when you get the color match right, there will be an interruption in the trademark patterns that this product provides for your outdoor patio furniture. These trees have spread across Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Acacia makes for great shelving because of its density. The Acacia tree goes by many different names, but the quality of the furniture items made from its wood is always the same.

Acacia wood furniture, on the other hand, does not do as well if left untreated and exposed to the elements. This beautiful wood is durable and sustainable, making it suitable for many purposes. Have you considered acacia wood outdoor furniture? What’s the Difference Between Wicker and Rattan Furniture? You’ll want to test any repair materials on an unseen area of the surface to ensure that you have a complete match before proceeding. Using metal parts and rivet as an accessory makes this collection last longer and suitable for constructive conditions. Acacia wood is a workable natural material. But as long as you’ve got your expectations in order, then this is a very economical option for outdoor seating and light dining. As we will discuss further, acacia is known for its durability and water-resistant properties, ideal for kitchen and bathroom collections. Take care of it well, and it should last you a good number of years. When you expose Acacia wood items to light and air, then the light color of the original natural material begins to darken. In the beginning, PT Accasia Nusantara Indah produced only raw wood material. Rapid growth is due primarily to Acacia species that thrive in tropical climates with fertile ground and plentiful rainfall, providing sustainable growth and harvest. If you need heavily use your outdoor patio furniture, then this product is the perfect material. A similar sized teak conversational set would easily cost 2-3 times as much. The Toby table also has been specially treated to withstand the elements and will provide your backyard with tens of years of service. Once the created item starts drying, the surface becomes durable and hard. There are over 1,300 species around the world, but it is the Babul variety that gets turned into outdoor patio items. The table measures just 22 inches in diameter, and the chairs are on the small size too. Bedside Table or Bedside End Table is a table that is right next to the bed. These trees are still used for boats in the Philippines, as well as for cabinets, railroad ties, carvings, and furniture. If you don’t want to wait around until you have enough saved up for a teak or eucalyptus set, this could be a decent alternative. With a few steps and routines, you can help your furniture last for a long time and keep it looking beautiful for many years to come. I’m more likely to suggest acacia for single furniture pieces, such as outdoor chairs and benches, rather than for large dining sets. 2. 7. In the 1700s, the English used acacia wood for their ships. Amazon Doesn't Want You to Know About This Plugin. In Hawaii, they make bowls, canoes, and ukuleles out of acacia. Each table is carefully designed using solid wood and is hand-oiled with premium finishing. The furniture items will begin to darken. Acacia trees do not grow incredibly large. After we talk a little about acacia wood and its uses, we will also help you understand how to take care of your furniture made from acacia. Acacia makes some pretty good outdoor furniture. Treatment with a teak oil is a good idea for acacia outdoor furniture to keep it looking good. Instead of a straight grain or one that barely exists, you’ll find varying patterns based on the cut, quality, and growing location of the wood. No treatment is strictly needed for teak furniture used outdoors. It’s the perfect size to fit on a small balcony at your apartment or condo unit. Butler began blogging, editing and writing in 2000. 4. If you do have scratches appear, then a simple touch-up marker will usually correct the situation. Whether you prefer to call it a thorn tree, a wattle, or a mimosa, this Australian product is now growing throughout much of the world. If you want to upgrade your backyard experience, then the pros and cons of Acacia wood outdoor patio furniture are worth considering today. A golden teak finishing is layered on to add a true luxurious glow.
Acacia wood is a living, breathing raw material that needs a lot of help to survive. What are the Best Teak Wood Alternatives for Outdoor Furniture? These trees have spread across Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Other species are used for jewelry, dolls, and souvenirs. This may be found in powder or capsule form.

Because of the small size and folding nature of the pieces, you should be able to easily store it indoors over the winter, which could extend the lifetime of this set. The product is so sensitive that you’ll want to rotate your furniture periodically to ensure all angles receive the same amount of light and air exposure over time. 15 Biggest Pros and Cons of Crate Training Your Puppy Dog, Bulldog Shih Tzu Mix Guide: 27 Things to Know About a Shitzu Bulldog, 500 Cutest Shih Tzu Names for a Boy or Girl Puppy Dog, 500 Most Unique Chihuahua Names for a Girl or Boy Dog, German Shepherd Beagle Mix: 27 Things Every Owner Should Know, Golden Retriever Chow Mix Guide: 27 Things to Know Before Getting One, 201 Coolest Black and White Dog Names (Female and Male), Catahoula Lab Mix (Labahoula): 28 Things Every Owner Should Know, 750 Most Exotic Female Dog Names of All-Time, 650 Coolest German Shepherd Dog Names (Female and Male), Catahoula Leopard Dog Pitbull Mix Guide: 29 Things to Know Before Getting One. 4. For anything bigger, you’re really better off in the long run investing in a higher quality hardwood. We discussed earlier that Acacia is a great wood option for outdoor furniture but it needs to be oiled to be protected for a long time from weather and pests. Best Eucalyptus Outdoor Furniture & Patio Sets – 2020 Buying Guide, Best Shorea Wood Patio Furniture – 2020 Buying Guide. The shorter cuts are perfect for various chairs, tables, and miscellaneous pieces that fill out your interior design plans. Because several species of Acacia trees grow to tall heights, they can be used to create both long and short pieces of furniture, including tables, benches, chairs, shelves, etc. Consider that this set costs maybe a third of the price that a similar teak wood set would be. Unsubscribe at any time. That’s about an inch per day. Most acacia trees only live for about 20 to 30 years, but their roots run deep. In that case, this is the set to buy. Let’s answer all these questions and look at some of the best acacia patio furniture you can currently buy. How does acacia wood differ from teak? By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, Dreams Alive Magazine: How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture, Furniture Care Tips: Wooden Outdoor Furniture. Acacia woods also grow quickly, making them more readily available for manufacturing on a large scale without endangering the forests. Teak wood will feel slightly oily to the touch, but acacia won’t. It can break very easily, even when you are sitting in a chair made from this product. Let’s say you would like to set up an outdoor living area in your backyard or patio and your budget is under $500. Contact with the soil will cause chair and table legs to decay prematurely. As mentioned before, Acacia wood is durable and water-resistant, but that is only the start. 99 $229.99 $229.99. Have your pick of gray or brown with this genuine acacia wood outdoor dining table.

4.3 out of 5 stars 18. We highly recommend Starbrite Teak Oil for this purpose. Acacia wood requires a high level of maintenance to keep its appearance. Based in Houston, Texas, Meg Butler is a professional farmer, house flipper and landscaper. These qualities also make it possible to use Acacia for flooring without sacrificing the quality of the installation. Yes, you certainly can. Can you increase acacia wood’s longevity by taking good care of it? If you want a six-seat outdoor dining set, then expect to pay between $1,500 to $2,500 for that option.
Sturdiness of this collection makes it suitable to use in the living room and adds up coziness in a home. However, Acacia trees are incredibly resilient trees. Teak wood naturally has a tight, straight grain and golden honey-like color when new. Here are a few more tips to consider if you want to maintain your outdoor Acacia furniture: If you have a pool or hot tub with furniture located nearby, hose the Acacia wood down at least once a week. Both the koa and Australian black wood tree are known as sensitizers, which causes irritation to eyes and skin when cut or during milling. Our team of expert woodworkers creates beautiful tables made from 100% natural, solid acacia wood. Avoid using cleaning products containing either silicone or ammonia. Place waterproof covers over your acacia furniture when it is not in use. We use cookies for the best experience. When the acacia tree bark is boiled, the extracts are often made into a tincture for treating inflammation. You cannot place anything made from this natural material next to a fireplace, radiator, or heat vent. So what is acacia wood anyways? 6. Properly cared for acacia furniture will last for years.