However, the functions of this story are laid bare since we actually keep an eye on what the “Man” is doing at all times, and how he is getting or not getting into the house in any given scene. An impressive roster of actors manages to keep the film fresh, including then-10-year-old Haley Joel Osment as the little boy who famously utters “I see dead people,” the always-excellent Toni Collette as a mother at the end of her rope, and an unusually subdued Bruce Willis as a child psychologist who attempts to help Osment fulfill his destiny. Fix that mistake now, and scare the hell out of the children in your life in the process. Now you want to get terrified with the best horror movies you can find before Halloween. Oct 1, 2020 IMDB. Before Hollywood roped him into directing big-budget remakes of The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha, Alexandre Aja was at the forefront of the “New French Extremity” movement (aka “torture porn”). Den of Geek Like Audrey Hepburn’s blind woman from the progenitor of home invasion stories, Wait Until Dark (1967), Maddie is completely isolated when she is marked for death by a menacing monster in human flesh. Previously we’ve helped you out with our lists of the best horror movies on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and HBO streaming. Frontier(s) follows a gang of young thieves fleeing Paris, following a series of political riots.

Yes, the movie deviates from King’s writing, but what audiences are left with is a powerful journey into one man’s madness, and the horror that isolation can wreak on its victims. Director: Robert EggersStarring: Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate DickieWith its meticulous period setting and language, The Witch comes across as much like The Crucible as it does your average demonic possession horror. Is it streaming? Hereditary is a complicated horror movie, a blend of paranoid possession story and intense family drama. Is it streaming? It'll make you itch with suspicion and recoil at the more gruesome scenes. Few films can trick you into rooting for a child to be in danger. No, but Wait Until Dark is available to rent on Amazon, Google Play, or Vudu. They have the kill list. When they are called to a locked-down apartment building, things seem normal enough at first—until they hear the sounds of the people trapped inside.

Director: Ben WheatleyCast: Neil Maskell, Michael Smiley, MyAnna BuringKill List begins like a fairly straightforward thriller.

Add in a brilliant score by avant-garde composer Philip Glass, and you have one of the underrated artistic gorefests in horror history. All rights reserved. Black Christmas was directed by Bob Clark of A Christmas Story fame, but don’t think that means it pulls its punches. Childhood is lonely, and when you’re poor and live in a small town, it can be even harder to find a good friend. And yet, it's all so right: that weirdness is a crucial part of the unsettling whole; Woodward's hapless investigations leading inexorably to that final, devastating reveal. A governess takes charge of two creepy children who appear to be being haunted by previous incumbents of their rackety estate.