Made with solid brass, the whistle is then triple nickel plated to give it a wonderful lustre. Top 10 Best Tin Whistle On The Market Reviews 1 Waltons Irish Tin Whistle Key of D – Best Beginners Tin Whistle. This Tony Dixon Whistle head is made from durable Polymer. Key: D. Please specify whether you require Low D, Eb or E in the notes section... Tuneable D Aluminium Whistle (DX006) by Tony Dixon    This is a beautiful Roy MacMaghnuis Tuneable Whistle. Although just D whistles, which are usually reserved for beginners, you can squeeze enough power out of them. It's a popular session whistle and used in many bands and... Setanta Soprano Whistles Full Set - High D, Eb & C Soprano  D Whistle ( DX 204H Head ) by Tony Dixon One important thing to keep in mind is to get your transpositions right when reading music for Bb whistles. The Feadog penny whistle looks a bit flashier than most. Tony Dixon DX021 Tuneable Low Whistle. Whether you’re into sob movie soundtracks (Titanic) or the whole rustic appeal of J.R.R Tolkien’s Shire, chances are you fancy the sound of a tin or penny whistle. Comes with... Tuneable Tenor Low D Whistle (DX102) by Tony Dixon The 6578 is considered a high whistle due to the richness in higher register notes. Key Features... Polymer Soprano High D Whistle (DX001) by Tony Dixon Both models feature a touch of green in the form of the mouthpiece. The construction quality is also very good and if you’re looking for an instrument that will last for years to come, this one won’t disappoint. It is designed and produced by life-long tin whistle players (and music... Trad Cupro Nickle Improved Tuneable D Whistle   This Whistle is in the Key: D. I have won a Celtic music contest playing “Merrily Kissed the Quaker’s Wife” on a Susato. Personally cannot tell difference in difficulty of playing the C over the (smaller) D. Before purchasing the C whistle, had gotten a somewhat more expensive whistle (than most in this list) in D, but still felt something was “missing” until trying the Walton key of C whistle. We're extremely proud to announce the all new Setanta Soprano Whistles. The Killarney Brass Whistle Have a listen to the video to hear the superb tone and flexibility of... Roy MacMaghnuis (Roy McManus Belfast) Tunable Leadwood D Whistle These may be small instruments but they’re more complex than you might realize. The notes are clear and there’s more than enough definition on the low register to please both beginner and intermediate players. This is something that many beginner and intermediate players forget to do. The C whistle is the one you will transition into once your playing and confidence improve. It produces a solid traditional tone, a sound you can only get from an aluminium whistle. Precision engineered with an... Setanta Soprano Whistle - High D This Tony Dixon dual head can be played as a whistle or a flute; aluminium body, polymer whistle head and ABS flute head. Tenor/Low Whistle with a polymer body and ABS head. Waltons Little Black Tin Whistle. Flageolet offers the 6578 penny whistle in Bb tuning. Soprano/high whistle with polymer body and ABS head. Made using premium triple-nickel plated, solid brass tubing, polished to a lustrous shine and capped with a unique Oak adjustable (tuneable) mouthpiece. It's in the key of "A", and has an ABS Whistle head. Never get caught out at a session again! If you’re looking for a nice budget option, the Waltons Little Black … Here’s another beginner-friendly penny whistle by Clarke in the key of D. The Clarke CWD has the looks and the tonality you need to emulate Celtic folk legends. The construction doesn’t get much more reliable than the tin-plate design. Feadog Brass Traditional Irish Whistle. PLEASE ALLOW A LEAD-TIME OF 6 - 8 WEEKS The Clarke SBDC tin whistle is a top seller worldwide. Come and test this whistle out! It’s certainly easier to learn various blowing techniques on plastic than it is on wood. We are located in Baldoyle Industrial Estate in... Clarke Black Whistle in the key of D PLEASE ALLOW A LEAD-TIME OF 6 - 8 WEEKS You’ll have a much easier time sustaining notes when blowing into a plastic mouthpiece. The tapered bore gives these instruments a very responsive and solid tone, very noticeable particularly on bottom notes. Luckily it should be easy to remove without damaging the material. Launched late 2018 the Setanta Soprano Irish Whistles range has taken the Irish whistle world by storm. A song sheet is included, as is a fingering chart. Whistle master, John O’Brien has collaborated with long-time friend Paraic McNeela of McNeela Instruments to produce this show-stopping low... Setanta Low Whistle in Eb As with any other instrument and even lightweight ones like a melodica, the best tin whistles for the occasion are influenced by many factors. PLEASE ALLOW A LEAD-TIME OF APPROX 9 WEEKS The Tony Dixon soprano whistle in the key of D boasts a unique and aesthetically pleasing brass tuning slide and produces a beautiful clear tone that has enough volume to hold its own in any... Setanta Soprano Whistle - Eb The Feadog tin whistle features a “Key of D” sticker on it which may not appeal to everyone. Please allow 6 weeks lead time ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIMES:  I recommend a D whistle if you’re new to the instrument. The sweet flute-like tonality is consistent and music to my ears.  Whistle master, John O’Brien has collaborated with long-time friend Paraic McNeela of McNeela Instruments to produce this... Setanta Whistle Body in Low D, Eb or E However, sustaining notes and performing maintenance on a wooden mouthpiece can be a bit of a drag at times. Whistle master, John O’Brien has collaborated with long-time friend Paraic McNeela of McNeela Instruments to produce this show-stopping low whistle. On the other hand, you get less power even though it’s easier to blow and sustain notes with the Woodi Irish whistles. If your fellow musicians decide to up the key... Setanta Whistles - Full Set D, Eb & E DXTRADN. The warm melody and tone richness are impressive in this price range. It is just possible that you are new to the world of... 2 Woodi WI-921 WI-922 – Best Tin Whistle Set. Come and test this whistle out! Excellent choice for both beginner or advanced musicians and a great gift idea for Celtic ex-pats... Clarke Silver Whistle Watch and listen to the video below to hear the different fipples and their various tones. Produces a clear, crisp, clean sound with good volume. We're extremely proud to announce the all new Setanta Soprano Whistles. It features six finger holes and a diatonic 6-hole design. Having the aluminium body gives it a lovely deep bass whistle tone; Very easy to tune with good seals... + Add to Cart Add to Wish list. Traditional improved whistle with Nickel body. The 11.75” length and the close proximity of the finger holes are ideal in many situations. The Celtic Knot below the mouthpiece is a nice stylish addition.   As it is with all flute-like instruments, the mouthpiece can affect your sound.