And that is the opposite of what we want. The Epiphone’s best seller is best for bluegrass, folk, rock, country and everything in between. Yes you could opt for something under £/$100 with string action like cheese wire, but there’s a high probability you’ll find it a battle to play and, ultimately, quickly decide guitar that it isn’t for you. I really like this little instrument because it’s compact and easy to bring along on travels, but at the same time, it sounds like it’s much bigger than it is. In order to make this guitar sound its best, you need to tune it, of course. You’ll need one of the. The X bracing makes up for the laminated top, which then generates an awesome and clear projection. Both intermediate and advanced players can play it and it sounds lovely. As well as the size, you’ll want to consider your own playing style. Surprisingly, even with laminated tonewoods, this guitar produces a big and bold sound. The dinky parlour shape is ideal for folky styles, Launch price: $199/£179/€190 | Top: Solid Spruce | Neck: Mahogany | Fingerboard: Walnut | Frets: 20 | Electronics: No | Left-handed: No | Finish: Sunburst, Natural.

These slightly smaller-scale acoustic guitars are great in a number of situations and make ideal ‘living room’ guitars, to be played during the advert breaks on TV. It’s available in natural, black and sunburst. I would recommend this guitar for children that are still growing. It just works for most music, with the exception of classical music. The original is still regarded as the best though, and as a guitar for a learner it comes exceptionally highly recommended. It has a slim mahogany neck which means its really easy to play and best suited for beginners. As one of the acoustic world’s ‘big two’, Taylor Guitars has a long track record of producing some of the highest quality, best sounding acoustic guitars around. It sounds good, looks nice, and is high-quality. If you are gonna buy in person, here are some things you need to check before buying a used guitar: If any of those checks out, you should buy the guitar to save some money. With the combination of these tonewoods and electronics, this beaut generates a natural and dynamic tone. Things like binding on the body, and gold-plated hardware, add up to give this guitar a real sense of character. The result is a tone that seems to be full of life.

This is a great guitar for beginners and intermediate players.

Naturally, if a product is a best seller, you’d try to make different versions to fit every situation possible right? For example, with keyboards, drum kits, electric guitars and DJ gear there are plenty of variables, but with acoustic guitars things are a lot simpler.