window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('impressionViewable', function(event) { 3:45 PREVIEW 5 SONGS, 18 MINUTES. Her voice also rings light and clean, though the signature sound that resonates throughout the track is the childlike purity that gives the song its charm. } NIKI Gelar Konser Musikal Teaterikal 'Moonchild Experience', Gratis Buat Kamu Semua! A forest that climbs the highest cliffs and calls me. Fans have been sharing images of the video's stunning visuals, unable to get over how gorgeous it is. Let us know in the comments below! }); gads_event = event; if(document.querySelector("#google_image_div")){ It’s not hard for people to find offensive, questionable, shocking or graphic content on…, Reports surfaced on Saturday. It’s further telling that trees overall symbolize life, wisdom, growth, and even strength. Home » Artists Y » YooA » YooA – Bon Voyage Lyrics, One day, I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar place A place where soft fur was all over my body And shimmering horns on my head A strange place, Listen to the pretty songs of the birds Feel the gentle grass on your bare foot I’m dancing the most free I’ve ever danced I’m dancing, I’m looking for a mysterious dream When our eyes meet, the forest becomes even more green Climb the highest cliff and shout out loud Towards the forest that waits for me on the other side of the world, Blue sky, look at the thickening sky The fireflies that gather underneath the full moon It’s so dazzling like that one heart-fluttering christmas long ago If I get lost, I’ll ask the tall tree Because they always have a great answer Now I truly know what is the most me, I’m looking for a mysterious dream Towards the forest that waits for me on the other side of the world I wanna be with you, Eoneu nal nan jogeum natseon gose nuneul tteotji Onmomen budeureoun teori jaranago Meorien banjjagineun ppuri dodananeun Geureon got isanghan got, Deureobwa goun saedeurui jeo noraetsori Neukkyeobwa maenbare danneun purui singgeureoum Jigeum nan taeeonaseo gajang jayuroun chumeul chwo Nan chumeul chwo, Naneun chajagaryeo hae sinbiroun kkum Seoro nuneul matchul ttae deo pureureudeon sup Gajang nopeun jeolbyeoge ollaga sorichyeo Meolli sesang jeopyeone nal gidarineun sup, Blue sky jeomjeom jiteojineun haneureul bwa Boreumdal arae moyeodeuneun banditburi Oraejeon seolleeotdeon eoneu christmascheoreom nunbusyeo cham nunbusyeo Gireul ileumyeon kiga keun namuege mureoyaji Geudeureun eonjena meotjin dabeul algo isseo Ije nan gajang na daun ge mueosinji algesseo jal algesseo Naneun chajagaryeo hae sinbiroun kkum Seoro nuneul matchul ttae deo pureureudeon sup Gajang nopeun jeolbyeoge ollaga sorichyeo Meolli sesang jeopyeone nal gidarineun sup, Naneun chajagaryeo hae sinbiroun kkum Meolli sesang jeopyeone nal gidarineun sup I wanna be with you. 1. Oh My Girl's YooA makes her much-awaited solo debut with a mini-album titled 'Bon Voyage'. While the music video showed a lot of freestyle and interpretive dancing, the routine on stage is pretty much set. Lirik Bon Voyage oleh YooA. 2019–present: Bon Voyage. Numerous clips show her to be free, wild, and cheerful just by being around beautiful nature — a juxtaposition against her current-day setting with a car, modern clothes, and makeup. @8_OHMYGIRL @WM_OHMYGIRL, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FAIRY #YOOA_BonVoyage #YooA #유아, And the praise only continued. ga('create', 'UA-67136960-15', 'auto', 'ads'); Further solo debuts from Lovelyz’ Ryu Sujeong, Apink’s Namjoo, and Mamamoo’s Moonbyul and Solar further enlivened the scene for this year, as concepts varied from empowering to vulnerable to chic. And while opinions can be split regarding the CG involved, I personally think it was pulled off well, implemented without particular disturbance to the MV. #BonVoyage is an art, my favorite scene was the last photo when the wolves 'guard' YooA," and one tweet read, "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FAIRY. YooA (유아) - Bon voyage (숲의 아이) Lyrics YooA (유아) Romanization, Korean, Translation. She’s the sole character of the wide, free space that beholds beauty unlike any other. As some celebrated YooA's "fantasy world," others responded, "Her CA world." Moreover, the scenes of her running on endless hills, resting in a cave with fairy wings, or going through the dark woods with wolves seem like scenes cut from a fairy tale movie. }); Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Our experience in watching the MV is similar to the character of modern-day YooA, who’s taken back to remember the beauty of nature and imagination. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), Listen to the pretty songs of the birds Feel the gentle grass on your bare foot So common is their use of South Asian culture, in particular, that they've earned themselves the moniker 'curry-dols', something the girls themselves, rather oddly, take pride in, despite the obviously racist connotations. Overall, we as the viewers are fully submerged into YooA’s story due to the cohesiveness of her distinct world. Considering this conceptual identity, then, came forth curiosity as to how Yooa would balance her group’s image alongside her own budding potential as a solo. eventAction: 'click_adunit' 2019–present: Bon Voyage. Another said, "To say that this MV is beautifully and artistically made is SUCH AND UNDERSTATEMENT," and one fan shared, "The way I lost it and burst into tears during this you guys have no idea. 3:39 PREVIEW Far. 3. After sharing a series of controversial teasers, YooA's label, WM Entertainment, dropped the visually stunning music video that sees YooA make her way through a seemingly-enchanted, spooky forest under the cover of night. Camerawork plays a huge part in this MV, particularly during the chorus of the song, where it rushes through beautiful natural landscapes for a surreal touch. Thank you! * Album type: OH MY GIRL YOOA BON VOYAGE 1ST MINI ALBUM * Includes: CD+Photobook+2 Photocards+Post Card **All pre order purchases will be shipped out 2-4 days after release/restock date. let gads_event; document.querySelector("#google_image_div").addEventListener('click',function(){ Considering the impact solo releases can have on a singer’s musical spectrum, there lies a fine line between an “impactful” versus “underwhelming” solo. Title tracks such as “Closer,” “Secret Garden,” “The fifth season,” and more have cemented a timeline of dreamy concepts that they’ve mastered by their fifth year and running. ( Log Out /  1-8: “Minority Report” meets… “Alice in Wonderland?”, Reflections of a K-pop Fan in Early 2010s London, eaJ and Seori Welcome Autumn with “It Just Is”, The Boyz Fall Short of Stealing the Show with “The Stealer”, Taemin’s “Criminal” is Alluring in its Loftiness, BDC’s “Shoot the Moon” Uses Symbolism to Explore Emotions, Moonbin & Sanha Infiltrate the Mind in “Bad Idea”, AOMG Introduces Producer GooseBumps with the Release of “Somewhere”. hitType: 'event', ga('ads.send', { Fans have also been praising the song itself. 2020 has been a very successful year for Oh My Girl, probably exceeding the success the group achieved in 2019. Contenido exclusivo para patreon. Through Bon Voyage, it can be agreed that YooA has managed to show the best of herself. YooA (유아) - Bon voyage (숲의 아이) Lyrics YooA (유아) Romanization, Korean, Translation. From powerful waves to rolling hills that merge into a sea of sunflowers — the action and perspective in which they’re filmed give off a different, powerful vibe than forward, still shots. yooa didn't have to snap so hard in her solo debut but she did THAT! Specifically, I believe the most powerful aspect of this comeback is its storytelling ability. The date and time of the event October 17th (Sat), 18:00 (KST) *It is subject to change depending on the artist schedule. Otherwise called “Forest Child” in Korean, the selected title track and its MV reveals an awe-inspiring, almost touching recollection of something we may have all lost while growing up: think childhood dreams, endless imagination, and pure freedom found in what we already have. window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('slotRenderEnded', function(event) { ga('ads.send', { Clearly, every part of the set has worked to achieve this outcome: from the production to the setting, camerawork to even choreography and styling. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. “Bon Voyage” was wholly created to have her shine: her vocals are melodic and sweet, while the choreography brings light to her skills as a dancer. I think the idea of YooA being a ‘child of Mother Nature’ to also be suitable, but I am unfamiliar with that story. We are one of the world’s fastest growing Beyond merely defining an escape from the real world, then, perhaps dreams can also exemplify an escape from the weight of adulthood into light, free childhood. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. He was caught driving under the influence of alcohol early Saturday morning. Every scene is curated with care, even matching some of the lyrics — such as her antlers popping up right as it’s mentioned, or falling bits of snow joining a reference on Christmas.