The Role of a School Nurse in the Care of a Child with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 - The Perspectives of Patients and their Parents: Literature Review. An experienced pediatric nurse can perform a valuable service by becoming a health consultant to a child care … Preventing the spread of infectious diseases is a primary goal of a daycare center’s nurse, but she also has the task of promoting health and safety with the children, their families and the daycare center’s staff. Role of a Nurse in Health Care. Clinical Specialists . The primary role of a nurse is to advocate and care for individuals of all ethnic origins and religious backgrounds and support them through health and illness. Is a nurse who has completed a master’s degree in specialty and has considerable clinical expertise in that specialty. In line with international trends, they are providing lifelong holistic care, promote health, and enhance the quality of life and enables human development. They care … 1) Identify the similarities & differences in the role and responsibilities of Paediatric Nurse compared to Child Health Nurse 2) Apply knowledge of the cultural needs, rights and expectations of infants, children, young people and their families within a legal and ethical framework. 2. Expanded role of the nurse. 1. For many years, nurses were seen as doctor’s handmaidens. Evers DB(1). Discuss how this information will guide evidence based Australian nursing practice. Their education was heavily focused on technical skills and their duties were task-based. She provides expert care to individuals, participates in educating health care professionals and ancillary, acts as a clinical consultant and participates in research. Daycare Center Nurse Job Description. The role of the registered nurse is evolving as the mode of delivery of health care services has undergone major changes both locally and internationally in the past decades. Role of Nurse in Nursing Care of the Child and Family Evaluate the nurse’s role in relation to nursing care of the child and family when there is a suspicion of child abuse. Author information: (1)Charity School of Nursing, Delgado Community College, New Orleans, LA, USA. The pediatric nurse's role as health consultant to a child care center. Today, nurses are usually better educated, with a focus on coordinating patient care and the use of critical-thinking skills. Stefanowicz A(1), Stefanowicz J(2).