In Stock. 2:13. Collect the inventory item – METAL CUTTERS. Look at the right shelves and take the CHALK. Click on the large rock near the path to move it. George A. Romero, writer-director of the famed NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, has created this horror anthology containing the following three short horror films: THE GORGE: Three best friends go hiking on a fun morning expedition when a sudden avalanche leaves them trapped in a cave with no way out. Dixie Egerickx, Colin Firth, Julie Walters, Director:

To solve this mini-game, make the skulls say, “ I listen and obey.”. Click on mirror A twice- you should hear a squeal. From the main screen you may manage player profiles. Use the BINOCULARS to take a closer look and see the name: Bessie. Go to Mrs. Anton's house and click on the sparkling hidden object area. The gator with the cattail wants the PIPE. Just above the hint bottle is the plant identification book. The object of this mini-game is to swap the tiles and discover the message.

A pop-up tells you that there is 1 spirit here. Exit to the room and use the VOODOO KEY on the trunk. Return to the back of the house and look at the close-up of the beam on the porch. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Locate all the items on the hidden object list. The mean spirits steal the doll so we must make another. During hidden object scenes, it will highlight one item from the list. Pour the mixture in the the WOODEN BOWL, then take the GREASE CLEANING MIXTURE. Take the spell book that was hidden underneath the spirit board. Place the EMPTY BOTTLE in the center of the circle. The object of this mini-game is to turn the mirrors to scare away the rats. Enter the workshop and select the spell area. Contacta con nosotros |

Open the drawer and click on the Spirit board to trigger a mini-game. Use the SAW on the beam to take the BRUSH. Now that you have all eight TRIANGLES from the spirits, click on the gazebo to see the spirit lock. Spin each block to spell out the phrase, “All men end here.”. Click on the door way to enter the workshop. If you don't start at the top, clean panes will get dirty again from drips. Mambo Marie want you to find her blue anole, but you need to appease the gators first. All the spiritual residue on the window is blocking the light and preventing the spirits in the mirror from departing. Viggo Mortensen, Lance Henriksen, Terry Chen, Director: Wave the brush over the spirits with the BRUSH until each is visible. Take the rope from you inventory and use it on points: 1-2-3-4-5-3-6-2-5-6-7. Each letter will turn purple and lock into place when correct.

Look at the name on the right building: Chance. Place the SPIRITS REVEALING MIXTURE on the pile of plates with the swirls. What to Read Next. Look at the sparkling area by the windows to see that no light is coming in. Put the CLICK HANDS on the clock and open the face.

Enter the gate and place the VOODOO DOLL in the center of the circle.

Place the CAN in the center of the circle. Take the carriage and head to the Cajun swamp. Return to the river and select the sparkling hidden object scene. Return to the back of the house and look at the close-up of the cellar door for a mini-game. The options menu allows for the adjustment of music and sounds volume. Travel north from the gazebo to the river. To scare the last rat, click on mirror B trice. Si te gusta esta película, te recomendamos: Festival de Sitges: 'Possessor' gana el premio a la mejor película, De su debut en el cine mudo al hipnótico Henry Cavill de ‘Enola Holmes’ (Netflix). ... Deadtime Stories 2: Tales Of Midnight (Opening Scene) by Grim Reaper Productions.

Exit the the house and enter the workshop. Per the instructions on the chest, you have to make the skulls obey. Collect the inventory item – DOLL WITHOUT HEAD. Move your cursor to the right edge of the screen and click when the arrow appears to travel to the gazebo. Look in the upper right drawer and notice the words “Open Me” appear to be burned in from below. Next use the MUSLIM BANDAGE then the SEWING KIT. Place the GREASE CLEANING MIXTURE on the swirling area on the lower left. Un grupo de tres amigos que viajan hasta una cueva y quedan aislados del mundo exterior, teniendo que luchar para sobrevivir. 3:57 ¡La red de cobertura cinematográfica más grande del mundo ya está en México! Place the items in the left bowl in this order: GRAVEYARD ASH, HOLY WATER, SALT, MINT, CLOVE, SOLOMON'S SEAL, DEVIL'S SHOESTRING, and the ENVENOMED APPLE. Open the lower left cupboard to find the WOODEN BOWL. Delphine LaLaurie wants Jessie to make sure that Mrs. Anton is unable to attend any functions in the season. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates.

Director: Return to the carriage and go to Jessie's home. George A. Romero Presents: Deadtime Stories Vol. Make note of the needle in the scalding tea for later. Return to the house and enter the kitchen.

Take the carriage and return to the Cajun swamp. The top row solution is: quinine, chloral, aconite, willow bark, strychnine, and ethyl ether. En la nueva entrega de 'Deadtime stories', presentado por George A. Romero, se dan cita tres historias de terror. Enter the building to the left of the gate. Using the cursor on the arc of letters, spell out each of the 10 names. Marc Munden, Reparto Click on mirror A once, mirror C twice, and mirror B once. Exit the kitchen and return to the workshop. Once all the ingredients are in place, the loa will provide instructions on how to complete the spell. Starting at the top pane, click, hold and drag the sponge in a circular motion. The TRUMPET will make the gator with the mustache happy. Una estudiante que, tras fallecer, regresa al mundo de los vivos como fantasma para vengarse de los que la hicieron sufrir. Look at the wooden sign on the left building and take the CLOCK HANDS. Rupert Wyatt, Reparto

There is one spirit by the whipping post and the other is standing on the well.

Take the MORPHINE, IODINE, and LAUDANUM from your inventory and place them on the empty nooks. A pop-up tells you that there are 4 spirits here. Walk to the left to enter the apothecary. Take the SPIRITS REVEALING MIXTURE and go to the gazebo. Select the sparkling area on the the scales for a hidden object area. Look at the large chest and find it reads, “To open the voodoo chest, make the skulls obey.”. Once the triangles are in place, click, hold and drag the lock counter-clockwise three times. Take the carriage back to the swamp and return to the washtub area. Enter the workshop and click on the sparkling area on the desk. The green check mark next to an ingredient indicates that you have collected the item. Place the ONION FLOWER, TEARS OF A SAINT, GARLIC, LEMON, WHITE PEPPER, and JUG OF WATER in the circle around the conduit. Click on the mirror to see that the spirits are gone. When a item is in the correct slot, it will lock in place.

Use the METAL CUTTERS on the lock of the chest. The book will now appear next to the hint bottle. The first story involves a slave used by two witches, who are attempting to resurrect their sister. Click on the bag in the lower left corner to spill the tiles onto the table. Place the WOODEN BOWL in the center as the conduit. Return to the front of the swamp where the gators are waiting. Place the DOORBELL on the building and click to ring the bell, then enter. You may play this game in windowed or full screen mode. Pour the SEEDS into the funnel at the top of the dovecote. Click on the washtub's handle to retrieve the TABLECLOTH. Flip all the levers to close all the doors. Place the HAIRBRUSH on the head to give it hair, the add the PIECE OF DRESS. Pages that have splotches and are unreadable will be found later in the game. Use the CLIPPERS on the center plant to collect the Solomon's Seal. Viggo Mortensen, Reparto Exit the shop and return to Mrs. Anton's home. After the instructions appear, place the items in the bowl in the following order: WHITE DYE, DIRT, SULFUR, LILY, FEATHER, and 3 DROPS OF BLOOD. The FEATHER will go automatically into your inventory. Put the DEVIL'S SHOESTRING, SOLOMON'S SEAL, ENVENOMED APPLE, SALT, CLOVE and MINT around the outer edge of the circle. Wave the brush over the spirit with the BRUSH until it is visible. This item: George Romero Presents Deadtime Stories Vol. A pop-up tells you that there are 2 spirits here. Collect the inventory item – TWO BUTTONS. Acerca de SensaCine | Click on the skulls in this order: white- green- red- yellow- blue- orange. Spirits are blocking the entrance to Jesse's home. Hint- start with instructions such as “The leeches go in slot 35.”. Look at the close-up of the yellow flower in the window. Give the BABY DOLL to the girl ghost and she will give you a gate cube. Use the CLIPPERS to collect the inventory item – ONION FLOWER. Preferencias de cookies. Jessie tells you of 8 spirits trapped here and ads the Reveal Spirits spell to the spell book. Walk to the river and click on the sparkling hidden object area. Select the sparkling area by the skeleton for a hidden object area.

Use the SKULL on the the other skulls in the rear to open a mini-game. Click again to see a cut-scene with Jessie and one of Mrs. Anton's servants.

Collect the inventory item – PIECE OF DRESS.

Click on the carriage, then click on the phrase, “Take me to Jessie's home.”. Use the SLINGSHOT on the Bird with the fish. Look inside the panel on the side of the washtub. The pharmacist will not talk to you until his pharmaceuticals are in order. Click on SAL-VA-TION to open the cellar doors. Once the instructions appear, use the TWINE to tie the sticks together then add the moss. It will automatically combine with the DOLL HEAD to make the BABY DOLL. Look at the portrait and notice that the gator have similar attributes. Pout the mixture into the EMPTY BOTTLE and tie the RED TWINE on the bottle to create the BANISH SPIRITS AMULET. Look at the close-up of the mail-box and open the door. Place the PUMP HANDLE on the left side of the pump. If you make a mistake the slot will clear and you will have to start the name over. The spell book will now be found on the lower left of the screen. Click on the sparkling hidden object area where the boat was originally.. Take the MANGO and give it to the BLUE ANOLE. Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, David Denman, Director: Place the ASPIRIN, YELLOW MONKSHOOD, BAKING SODA, and ACONITE in the outer circle. Take the BINOCULARS from the right counter and leave the shop. Click on the sparkling area for a hidden object screen. Take the BRUSH from your inventory and use it on the SPIRITS REVEALING MIXTURE.