His other job, as a human rights advocate and Erdoğan critic, has in many ways only gotten more intense and complicated. The unbelievable victory by the Portland Trail Blazers over the Oklahoma City Thunder is marred by a huge loss. The Celtics just about managed to hold their own defensively, though it helped that Miami just couldn’t convert some of the good looks they got against Enes. He signed the statement, “Enes (Kanter) GULEN.”. NBA Rumor: Enes Kanter Injury. Kanter responded on Twitter with a statement, written in Turkish, announcing: “Today I lost those who for 24 years I called ... my family ... My own father wanted me to change my surname. Pronunciation: \ENN-ess CAN-tur\ Enes Kanter Twitter: EnesKanter (Enes the Menace) Position: Center Shoots: Right 6-10, 250lb (208cm, 113kg) Team: Boston Celtics. It’s also shaped the dual roles he’s created for himself, at 27: a professional basketball player and a pro-democracy activist. Enes Kanter. "Why can’t we get guys like that?" “May God take every second of my life and give it to my brave Teacher... From now on my mother, father and siblings are (the)... devoted members of Hizmet,” he continued. “I think the NBA gives me a big platform, and so that’s why I’m trying to be a voice for all those innocent people who don’t have one,” Kanter told me in September in New York City. Over the first round series, he averaged 13.3 points and 9.8 rebounds. Kanter says his dad is innocent and that the trial keeps getting postponed because the Turkish government is simply trying to detain his father and his family, preventing them from leaving the country. In May 2017, Kanter said he was detained in Romania after authorities told him his passport was invalid. Kanter predicted it would be postponed a few months. has accused him and his family members of terrorism. - Bob Lobel, Draft needs, trade ideas, and Brad Stevens (mailbag answers). “We’re trying to figure out if it’s best with the starting unit or best to bring him off [the bench] so you can play through him a little bit more on the block and those types of things. Kanter was born in Switzerland to Turkish parents and raised in Turkey, but his outspokenness has now transformed him into persona non grata in the country. In Romania, he was held over issues with his passport, which he said the Turkish government canceled because of his political views. Erdoğan blames a Turkish Muslim cleric and one-time close ally, Fethullah Gülen, for orchestrating that attempted 2016 uprising, though Gülen has denied it. Topic: which former Celtics free agents would look good back in Boston this offseason? That spurt by Kanter was key to keeping the halftime lead at 7 points, allowing the Celtics to turn a 41-point third quarter into a win to force Game 6. Danilo Gallinari’s fit with Boston is almost perfect. In May 2016, Erdoğan classified Gülen’s movement as a terrorist group. Kanter said he suffered the injury Tuesday during Portland’s 118-115 win in Game 5 against the Thunder. But the Celtics aren’t oriented to spending multiple possessions letting Kanter go to work on the low-block, and it’s no coincidence that he recorded the lowest usage rate (19.4%) since his rookie season. Turkey occupies an uncomfortable space in US politics right now. Erdoğan was prime minister at the time, a position that was abolished by a 2017 referendum that consolidated almost all power in the Turkish president, who was by that time, Erdoğan. Erdoğan saw this as an existential threat, as he ties the Syrian Kurds to a decades-long Kurdish insurgency movement within Turkey. As we saw in the playoffs, different matchups called for different big men, and despite some of his shortcomings, Kanter was still able to provide some solid minutes for the Celtics in the postseason, especially against Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers. But his story is also part of a larger crisis unfolding in Turkey, where, after a 2016 failed coup that tried to remove him from office, Erdoğan has consolidated power and purged perceived political opponents in the judiciary, police, and public sectors, jailing tens of thousands of civil servants, journalists, and other dissidents. He was finally able to get to London and then New York, reportedly with the help of the NBA and the State Department. Kanter said he plans to become an American citizen in 2021 when he’s eligible. My problem is with the regime in Turkey.”. CelticsBlog exit interview: Brad Wanamaker. Kanter just told us he separated his shoulder and he had an injection at halftime. He said that even sometimes when he wants to test out a Turkish restaurant, he’ll send his friends first before he visits himself, just to make sure it’s friendly territory. “It’s tough, because it doesn’t matter if you’re an NBA player, doesn’t matter how much money you make, how many people are around — in the end those people are your family, and you want them to be around you,” Kanter said. ... All NBA awards in history NBA 2K ratings Re-ordering draft classes He’s obviously going to play,” noted Stevens during the preseason. He showed up to the post-game press conference with a giant sling. Which is why President Donald Trump is just about the only person eager to meet with the Turkish president when he comes to the White House on Wednesday. In September, it was scheduled for October 10. But it was a reminder, for Kanter, that even here in the United States, Erdoğan’s influence isn’t easy to escape. By sending him out with the second unit, it allowed Kanter to predominantly face backups too, where his defensive deficiencies would be mitigated as much as possible. Even a free summer basketball camp can turn into a geopolitical incident when Enes Kanter is involved. Expectations dictate your opinion of his year. “Just because [you’re] talking about good causes, talking about democracy, justice, and freedom, human rights, they’re keeping him there? When Kanter doesn’t have the ball in his hands, almost all of his value on offense comes on the glass because he is not much of a floor stretcher or playmaker. Assuming Robert Williams can build off the progress he showed in the bubble, and hopefully stay injury-free, the Celtics may very well look to shift Kanter on for more help on the bench or even a center who can truly stretch the floor. The Celtics are the underdog in the Gallinari sweepstakes, but he would elevate the team’s chances of a championship next season. During the NBA playoffs last year, US senators requested the Canadian government grant Kanter safe passage in case the center had to travel with his then-team, the Portland Trail Blazers, to play Toronto in the NBA finals. Kanter was preparing for the season with the Boston Celtics, where he was excited for a fresh start with a new team (though he was sidelined at the start of the season with a knee injury). It is one of the clearest examples of Erdoğan’s authoritarian streak, which has only grown more potent since a July 2016 failed coup attempt. That is, Kanter said, until the Turkish Consulate in New York threatened the mosque if it hosted Kanter’s clinic. Part of the reason he was able to manage against Philly was the fact that the Sixers don’t run too many pick and rolls – where Kanter really struggles against smaller ball-handlers attacking him. Kanter had 13 points and 13 rebounds at halftime, while also struggling with a leg injury. He is a situational big who can often be played off the court (as Billy Donovan knows all too well), but to his credit, it should be noted that the big man has managed to play solid minutes in the conference finals in each of the past two years. Many of you might know my story. Even as Kanter stayed in the US, Turkey put out an Interpol “red notice” for the player — basically an extradition order. Kanter seems to expect it all at this point, and there’s a mix of exasperation and resignation when he talks about it. After an understated season from an otherwise outspoken player, moving him on for someone more effective without the ball in their hands could help take the Celtics over the hump next season. Kanter tallied nine points (4-4 FG, 1-1 FT) and six rebounds in 11 minutes during Thursday's 106-101 loss to Miami. There was the basketball camp this summer. After barely seeing the court in the playoffs, Kanter … Kanter continues to back him, but he also told me, “If I see something wrong in this movement, I will speak up about it, too.”. Over the first round series, he averaged 13.3 points and 9.8 rebounds. Instead, by sticking him with the second unit, Stevens allowed more of the offense to run through Kanter, who finished the year averaging 8.1 points and 7.4 rebounds on 57.2% shooting in just over 16 minutes of action a night. It’s personal for Kanter, as he and his family have been singled out by the Turkish government. That’s interspersed with his trademark team cheerleading, a reminder that he’s still a basketball player, just trying to do his job. Former Blazers Teammates Turner, Lillard Still Kidding Around, Carmelo Anthony Shows Off Range in Workout Video. The movement, (known in Turkey as Hizmet, or “the service”), is best known for its vast network of schools in Turkey and around the world, including in the US. If there is one thing the Celtics are really missing amongst their logjam of centers, it’s one who can allow the team to play five out without having to go with the “best five” lineup - though if Grant Williams’ three-point shot continues to improve, he may be the long term small ball center. In the end, Kanter — with the help of New York Rep. Kathleen Rice — found another spot in the area to host his 34th camp, one of 50 total he did this summer. Kanter hasn’t been back to Turkey in years, or spoken to many of his family still living there. Look, at this stage in his career, Kanter is what he is – a bruising, old fashioned big man whose defensive struggles put a dampener on an otherwise talented offensive player. I know that one day I’m going to be able to go back to my country, see my family again, eat my mom’s food, my favorite.”, “But you cannot lose hope,” he continued. The trial has been repeatedly delayed. Despite his defensive deficiencies, Enes Kanter put together a decent season as a backup big and even managed to log some important minutes in the playoffs. “Because my family is just one family and there are thousands and thousands of families out there. Syrian Kurdish forces, the US’s key partner in defeating ISIS, held territory near the border with Turkey. He’d was still in his workout gear and sneakers, his height making him impossible to miss in the hotel lobby. With a deadly (and ball-dominant) foursome of Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, and Jayson Tatum, Stevens knew that the starting center may not necessarily have the ball that often in their hands, and so he opted to stick Kanter with the second unit. As Jared Weiss and Jay King of The Athletic reported recently, “it’s more likely at this point that he is going to opt out and test the market. More HoopsHype Rumors. The Celtics, his current team, have a Christmas game in Toronto against the defending NBA champions, the Raptors.