This relates to the Sun, and the two heads -- which face and East and West, relate to the rising and setting of the Sun.Warmest Regards,KentroversyBuffalo, NY USA. While in a committed relationship premarital counseling can help resolve many of the common issues that individuals face. All black occultists do it because they want benefit for themselves. No.

Although the archive is not yet complete, ALL of my current and most recent interviews are there already. ), "The War on (anything)", Doomsday seed bunkers (they've been built in Norway as well, the country I'm from) - and it's even official now! Our group of people has sprung up as a new force on the political talk-radio, television, and podcast scene. -- Kentroversy (02/23/07)Thanks for your comment just the same, even though you are not yet ready to confront these TRUTHS head-on, at least you are reading about them, which is an excellent start, and one for which you certainly need to be commended. They have been for centuries and down inside smart women know it. Eyes Wide Shut is filled with references to rainbows. It was during this period (over the Christmas 2000/New Year holiday of 2001, I believe) that I started to really get into the film and it's strange feelings it evoked in me. Look closer. Mirrors are used in Monarch Mind Control programing. In life. It's in us. In programming Monarch slaves, mirrors are used a great deal. I will state that for a period of probably 5 or so years prior to my seeing EWS, I was in a period of questioning and ultimately rejecting some core beliefs I had held throughout my life surrounding religion and faith, etc... but this movie was the catylist for really digging in and searching for truth. They just re-released a two-DVD version of EWS, but I haven't had the chance to pick it up as of yet. All any reader has to do is check out the extensive references and sources that are listed at the bottom of everything I publish. In the room the wallpaper pattern is the Fleur-de-Lis which is the symbol of the French royalty and also some European royalty such as the Spanish Bourbons and other “bloodlines”.I'm still trying to figure it out if Alice was at the mansion ritual during Bill's humiliation – because of the mask in the bed - or if she used to be one of the hookers hired by the elite for their orgies and sexual rites which explains her strange discomfort and wish to drink champagne during the first party plus the “see you again Alice” from Szandor and the oneiric bs about dreams with sex with several men. Before we deep dive into the plot and the ending, I would like to get a bit into literal interpretations, before delving into all the figurative this film deals with. Greetings, Anon:Thank you for your kind remarks on my EWS report. It takes away the importance of our own actions in the big scheme of things. Where we going, girls? Greetings, Anon:By your comment, I see that you are a fan of KING OF THE HILL -- a funny statement on the current state of the AmeriKan society. According to this site:"" Somerton mansions is located in the United Kingdom, village of Mentmore, Buckingamshire where coincidently [not] the Rothschilds have plenty of properties.The palace or mansion is called Mentmore Towers and - according to Wikipedia "was built between 1852 and 1854 for Baron Mayer de Rothschild, who needed a house close to London. Analysis Of Benjamin Franklin's 'Keep Your Eyes Wide Open Before Marriage, Half Shut Afterwards'. Every movie he made dealt with so-called major themes (check out Rob Ager's analysis of 2001 and Clockwork - I usually steer away from such, but always instinctively search for that ultimate.. and this is it), and the last one he made certainly wasn't any exeption.

If so... what was Kubrick's point to this, what did he hope to accomplish? Because they ARE THESE CHARACTERS IN REAL LIFE!! For that I will be forever grateful to Stanley Kubrick.bill v, Greetings, Bill:Thank you for your excellent and well-written comments!Warmest Regards,KentroversyBuffalo, NY USA, Bill V that's great!
It is inherint that there is something creepy about what we don't understand. He's the archetypal American chump...Tom Cruise. Read the Essene Gospels, KNOW what is right and what is the true laws. Indeed perhaps beginning in the horrors of 911, where practically the entire world would be blinded by the obvious satanic fraud wrought on the populace with the ridiculous spectacle of buildings disintegrating before everybodies eyes and being given no reasonable explanation why this happened but yet everyone through ignorance, media hype and brainwashing are told what to believe and what happened, and lo and behold, most have been hoodwinked.EYES WIDE SHUTThe era of EYES WIDE SHUT is simply put a time when adult human beings will be told and shown blatant lies and absurdities that in ordinary times a child could see through. Eyes Wide Shut is filled with references to rainbows. Did you notice that every sign in every window in "New York" is sexual or fantasy or occult related?Women. Baum, L. Frank – The Oz Books (Wikipedia), Eyes Wide Shut – Latin Translation of Backwards Priests, How The Globalists Create Heart Attacks - The Kentroversy Papers (August 16, 2005), Maxwell, Jordan – Questions;, MK-ULTRA – 1977 Senate Hearing Report on Mind Control; United States Senate, Oglivy & Mather – IBM Dreams Television Ad Campaign 2003 – Mob Ad, Thelemapedia: The Encyclopedia of Thelema & Magick – The History of the Pentagram, Time and – Calculate Duration Between Two Dates, Wikipedia - Playing Card Suits and their Tarot Correspondences, USA Today – Schwarzenegger, Son Get In Motorcycle Accident (January 9, 2006). No one can answer this without talking about the Kubrick film, and yet I also read le Carre use the same phrase to talk about a spy walking into a “honey trap” seemingly aware but uncaring of the consequences. And think about the Hollywood politics of it. And those moaning and groaning "backwards priests" when we get to the ritual portion of the film -- it sort of takes creepy to a new level, in my opinion, that is. I discuss this in the report on the film as well. Marriage is all about being forgiving, overlooking, and staying positive. There is another site that analyzes EWS and the masonic, Truth Minion:I really do not understand your comment -- as in the description for Figure 16 -- I explain that the chair features the Egyptian Uraeus Serpents, plus I explain the symbolism of what they mean.

EWS is one of the all time creepiest films I have ever seen anywhere, made all the more so by the fact that it shows what REALLY goes on behind the locked doors of the mansions of the powerful Global Elite.I agree with you 1000% -- those who sexually abuse children deserve the DEATH PENALTY.
It's GETTING GOODIES FOR ME. Warmest Regards,KentroversyBuffalo, NY USA. That’s nothing new, secret or particularly ominous considering what we know of the elite today and what they know we know of them.So if we dismiss the obvious but yet still see something very ominous in the movie then I contend that Mr. Kubrick very brazenly put his message not only underneath the theme of the movie but had the audacity to put the essence of the message in the title itself, EYES WIDE SHUT.As a man who obviously in his movie career predicted and foretold of the coming sub cultural thinking patterns of American society went too far with Eyes Wide Shut.In portending rampant crime, the space age, the American patriot, those were more or less innocent or expected cultural phenomena, but in Kubrick predicting or revealing the era of Eyes Wide Shut, now that may have been going too far. To be without delusion, distortion, or denial. Seeing the bigger picture is the most important step in us getting PAST the place in which we are currently stuck. I sure do not get it. I would like to pint out out that the during the scene where cruise is asked to unmask the chair looks like a double headed eagle if you look closely you can see the wings on either side of the chair as well.Ps- Also enjoyed your interview with Leo Zagami.Thanks for the great work and Godd bless! F*ckin-A that's right, it's Alice. I wanted to say "Job well done.

I do agree with you that this secret order had its beginnings far, far back in the antediluvian era. Pick up those books in the bookstore that some might warn you not to read. There has been a great deal of effort put in by the film's promoters to treat this as a film about MARITAL INFIDELITY ONLY. I pray that Myan prediction proves true because these pricks who hurt children deserve to be grilled alive, wait a minute,,,isn't that what GOD said would happen to the wicked??? You are living proof of Kubrick's genius. Warmest Regards,KentroversyBuffalo, NY USA. It's sick. Warmest Regards,KentroversyBuffalo, NY USA. The book that I was writing was a sort of fairytale, and so was the film. Related Symbols: Eyes Wide Shut Scarlet Women; Eyes Wide Shut Double-headed Eagle; Eyes Wide Shut Mirror; Wizard of Oz Rainbow; Illuminati Symbols in Jack Reacher Movie; Citibank Rainbow and Masonic Pillars; Mcdonald’s Number 13 and Double Arches; Fantasia Rainbow; Ann O. Nymous Illuminati Symbols in Movies Eyes Wide Shut, Rainbow, Stanley Kubrick, Tom Cruise « MSN Logo Butterfly » Smirnoff … He, Analysis Of Little Things By Raymond Carver. Perfect typecasting. There IS no such thing as "death" - it's DMT - and life IS only a... you guessed it... DREAM. Truly these movies carry a different meaning to the elite! What do you feel the ultimate point of EWS is then? Don't just accept things at face value. It was supposed to be an edgy thriller that made statements about upper echelon decadence, while also utilizing the real world sex life of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as a kind of doorway bridging the gap between reality and fantasy – something that does come up in other K . I may as well give y'all a preview of it here because you sound like you'd appreciate it.The title of my eventual essay is going to be "Minds Wide Shut: Late Capitalism and the Narcissism of the Occult".EWS is about America and its illness.

Everything else is an (sensory) illusion. The very bottom? Number of days between Kubrick’s death and the year of 2001 = 666. It's Santa selling you Wal-Mart. Congrats on your detailed research! Each of a mirror’s broken shards represents a different alter, or personality. This multiple-part series wil… Eyes Wide Shut Mask Party Meaning & History. Why do you suppose Stanley picked Tom Cruise and Nicole to play these roles? The counselor can help point out the issues that are vital and find a practical strategy on how to deal with it. Eyes Wide Shut is filled with mirror symbolism. They become the chattel of their husbands. Anyway after watching it the first time I decided to Google the subject and then I was lucky enough to "stumble" in this excellent blog. Then what... if he's saying that does he think they need to be destroyed? Even if what you are getting is an 'event' and not a thing, it amounts to the same thing: getting something for yourself. It's greedy materialism falsely dressed up as something holy to be revered, when really it is the opposite.