The Friday The 13th franchise is currently stuck in development hell, and there hasn't been a new movie since the 2009 reboot. by PatentExaminer Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . When she returned, she found that Scott's throat had been slit open and he was hanging there dead. Played by actress Kirsten Baker, she appeared in the 1981 movie Friday the 13th Part 2. Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare/Gallery,, The character of Terry was created by director, The manner in which Terry actually died is undetermined.

When she came out of the water, Scott teased until she gave chase. Movie Database Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. There were a few deaths that were accidental. Although her official weight is unknown, she appears to be around 130 to 140lbs of solid muscle. Terry was a junior camp counselor who had worked at Packanack Lodge in Crystal Lake Township, New Jersey in the summer of 1984. 48 seconds of violent shots were subsequently trimmed for the theatrical release.In addition, at least two scenes were shot but never included in the final cut of the film. But finally getting to see the full, uncut spear kill after waiting over 30 years? Female In addition to overt flirting, Scott liked to tease Terry by popping her in the buttocks with a slingshot. At her first night at Packanack, Terry was present when Paul Holt regaled the group with the legend of serial killer Pamela Voorhees and her equally psychotic son, Jason., Impaled through back with arrow under bed, Throat slit with hunting knife, pinned to door with arrows through groin/chest/throat/eye, Mangled (off-screen), thrown through window, Hung upside-down from tree by snare, throat slit with machete, Face hacked with machete, falls down stairs, Impaled through back with spear while on bed, hung from coat hook in bed sheet noose, Impaled through chest with spear while on bed, Leg slashed/stomach impaled with kitchen knife, Back of head impaled with knitting needle, Impaled to rafter with pitchfork through throat, Shot in eye with speargun, fell into lake, Sliced in half with machete while walking on hands, Impaled through back with kitchen knife under hammock, Impaled through stomach with hot fireplace poker, Head crushed/eye pops out, thrown through window, Head bludgeoned 4 times with wrench, hand cut off/hacked up 10 times with machete, Throat slashed with surgical hacksaw, head twisted, Impaled through back of throat with hunting knife, Impaled through chest with machete under inflatable raft, Impaled through back/pinned to window blind with spear, Hand impaled to counter with corkscrew, face hacked with cleaver, hands impaled to wall with spikes, Thrown through 2nd floor window/lands of car, Back of head impaled with kitchen knife through movie screen, Head crushed against wall, pinned to wall with spike through back of throat, Hacked 8 times/throat impaled with garden claw, thrown through window, Wrist sliced with machete, hammer claw driven into back, computer smashed onto head, hand/chest hacked/head hacked 16 times with machete, Patricia A.

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When he asked Terry to dance with him, she politely declined.

It appears that Jason may have run her through the mid-section with his. Kirsten Baker While at the training center Terry notices fellow trainee counselor Scott Cheney growing something of a crush on her, which he expresses with pranks. Tina, who was a child, made the dock collapsed with telekinesis while her father, John, was on it, causing him to drown for his abuse towards his wife. She is the 5th victim of Jason Voorhees (although the cause of her death is still unknown). "Trish" Jarvis and Tommy Jarvis, Hacked up 3 times with axe/arm cut off (off-screen), Eyes impaled with garden shears/gouged out, Head crushed against tree with leather strap around eyes, Impaled through leg/back with metal spike from outhouse wall, Decapitated with cleaver while riding motorcycle, Face hacked with cleaver through window, face fell into stew pot, Impaled through back with machete under top bed, Throat slashed with machete, pinned to tree with rail spike through forehead, Eyes gouged out (off-screen), thrown through window, Hit with bulldozer, arm slashed with chainsaw, leg impaled with hunting knife, head hacked with machete, impaled through back on tractor harrows, Reginald Thomas "Reggie" Winter, Pam Roberts, and Tommy Jarvis, Stomach impaled/tossed aside with fence post, Thrown/arm ripped off/impaled through chest on tree branch/face smashed into tree, Throat impaled with broken bottle, hacked apart with machete, Impaled through chest with machete while on motorcycle, Ear impaled with hunting knife while driving RV, Throat slashed/knocked through window/hacked apart with machete (off-screen), Dock collapsed via telekinesis/incapacitated by piece of debris/drowned in lake, Impaled to tree with tent spike through throat, Hand through back/out of chest, neck snapped, Bashed against tree while in sleeping bag, Throat slashed with sickle, nailed to tree through wrists, Stomach impaled with kitchen knife, beheaded (off-screen), Neck hacked with machete, beheaded (off-screen), On-screen in unrated, Crews used her as a human shield, Stomach impaled/innards ripped out with speargun, Thrown off high ladder/impaled through back on deck post, Thrown through 2nd floor window, drowned in barrel of sewage, Hypnotized into eating heart/possessed, melted (off-screen), Head impaled with autopsy probe, face pushed against metal grating, Impaled through back/torn in two with rail spike, Impaled through stomach by barbecue skewer, head crushed, Accident:Jessica couldn't tell which one was Jason, Chest impaled with dagger/dragged into hell, Chain thrown around neck/pulled/neck snapped, Face frozen in liquid nitrogen/smashed against counter, Impaled through stomach with uber-machete/pulled out of back, Punched over catwalk, impaled through back on large drill, Head bashed 3 times/electrocuted into control panel, Space shuttle rammed into space ship/immolated in explosion, Back broken, immolated in space ship explosion by detonated bomb, Knocked in Earth's 2 atmosphere/immolated, Pinned to tree with machete through stomach, Impaled through back 10 times with machete, fold in half in bed, Impaled through back/thrown away with long pipe, Back set on fire, face slashed with bladed glove, Electrocuted/thrown into console, thrown through door, Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger and Jason Voorhees, Thrown/back impaled by self bracket/blood loss, Chest slashed/thrown at tree with machete, Arm ripped off/impaled through back with bladed glove, decapitated with machete, Head slashed/ear slashed off with machete, Trapped in sleeping bag, hung upside-down from tree over campfire/burned alive, Foot/leg slashed/impaled through hand with machete under floorboards, pulled underground, killed (off-screen), Leg caught in bear trap, head hacked with machete, Shot through back of head/out of forehead with arrow while driving boat, Hit by runaway boat, head impaled with machete through dock, Back impaled by mounted deer head antlers on wall, thrown through 2nd floor window/lands on police car, Pinned to door with fireplace poker through eye, Impaled through back with machete, impaled through back on spike on back of truck.

Shortly after finding Terry’s body, Glo and Trick contact the authorities, who later find the shack and move Terry's corpse, and the others, out of it. In 1984, having previously worked with Paul Holt on at least one occasion Terry travels to his counselor training center at Packanack Lodge near Crystal Lake with her pet dog Muffin. The eleventh film features Jason having a crossover with Freddy Krueger.

She was not alone however.

Terry and the others scattered until they realized that it was just Ted.

A part-time hobby soon blossomed into a career when he discovered he really loved writing about movies, TV and video games – he even (arguably) had a little bit of talent for it. Terry is a fictional camp counselor and murder victim featured in the Friday the 13th film series.

He said yes, and Terry went back to her cabin to get something to cut the rope with. Friday The 13th Part 2 overcame this by explaining Pamela's son Jason was still alive, despite the original explaining he drowned as a child.

Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

As Scott ran away from her, he stepped into a snare that had apparently been set by Paul (though it could have been Jason Voorhees as well). It appears that Jason may have run her through the mid-section with his.