Good teacher and a lot of fun. I noticed in watching the instructors that they really took precautions in making sure children had good form so they would safely reduce the risk of injuring themselves or others. Preschool classes are constructed around authentic gymnastics skills presented in an upbeat and engaging fashion.

She was such a natural talent that within a year she was on our PreTea... Kelli started coaching at Gold Star in the summer of 2017, but began her gymnastics career at GSG when she was four years old. I'm especially impressed with owner Pam's attention to detail and her interactions with students and parents. One-Day camps offer the flexibility that busy families need during their school vacations. I'm taking the adult class. Our employees are inherently nice to children. I'm taking the adult class. Pam, the owner of Gold Star, began gymnastics classes when she was six, progressing to optional levels of competition. Gold Star Gymnastics is a place where our staff help children to develop strength and stamina, coordination and confidence, fluidity and flexibility, in a safe, exciting, supportive environment. And for big kids as well, the place is not simply dancing, they are more sportive, than recreational. 3 years old – Kindergarten | 45 minute classes. My daughter has been learning there for a while. So we wasted 4 mos' time, energy, not to mention money, learning NOTHING new. She holds CPR and First Aid certifications, and has read the entire Harr... Emi joined the Gold Star staff in April of 2019 but started gymnastics at GSG when she was nine, beginning in Girls Red and working her way through our Recreational Program before ... Emily D. began coaching at Gold Star in the fall of 2017, after competing with our competitive Rhythmic from 2013-2017. Phil was a gy... Rebecca joined our front desk staff in August 2019, but has been part of the Gold Star family since 2017 when her daughter began participating in our MiniStar program. They were moving the whole time - making it a workout for my husband and me, too! I just brought my toddler triplets in for their first lesson and I couldn't have been happier about how things went. Features: > Compete for your country in the Olympics & climb the world aerobic gymnastics ranks! We offer classes for both recreational gymnasts and competitive athletes, for young children just learning to walk through teens and adults discovering the joy of turning upside down. Students start class with a warm-up using manipulative props, and end with a game incorporating music and dancing. My kids came there when they turned two. He has coached all levels from recreational through teams, fr... 727 Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 | (650) 694-STAR. They helped slice the cake and passed it out as well as the pizza. Student’s progress is documented during Star Weeks, five times a year. Thank you! Children learn to jump, balance, and roll while practicing taking turns and following a circuit. We used Gold Star Gymnastics last year, 2016-2017 school year. Instruction is given on Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor Exercise, Tumbl Trak, and Trampoline. Parents and grandparents are like sharks waiting for an empty seat to open up. (We follow the Sunnyvale School District Calendar.) She started in gymnastics at the age of four and rose through our MiniStar program, comp... Anastasia came to Gold Star in the spring of 2004. Gold Star Gymnastics - world-class gymnastics training for all ages - Pleasant Valley, NY - 845-635-5930 Searched for staff; this is the Gold Star Gymnastics home page; browse, or revise search: 2020 summer gymnastics parties schedule about team/pre-team contact. I went with a group of co-workers, and since it was our first class, it was free! Call for a free trial. He was an Eagle Scout where he was named Troupe Guide, Patr... Noor joined our staff in the summer of 2018. I will definitely be back when my workout routine needs a bit of a shakeup. My daughter loves teacher Mitchell! The coaches have been top notch, kind and inclusive.

We offer classes for both recreational gymnasts and competitive athletes, for young children just learning to walk through teens and adults discovering the joy of turning upside down. My kid is a little shy and goes well with Ms Michelle. so it was easy to fit into our kids' routine. And for big kids as well, the place is not simply dancing, they are more sportive, than recreational. She comes to us with over 25 years of customer service experience, and is CPR certified.

Before joining our staff, he was a counselor for elementary school students at science camp, volunteered at a local elementary sc... Cedy joined the Gold Star staff in the spring 2018, but began coaching in 1987. Gold Star Gymnastics is a world-class gymnastics training center for students 18 months old through college age for both recreational and competitive gymnastics.

She competed in our All-Star Cheer and Dance program for five years, first as a hip hop dancer and then as a cheerleader. Instruction is given on Vault, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Rings, Floor Exercise, Tumbl Trak, and Trampoline. She moved through the Recreational classes, competed Comp... Sabrina started coaching at Gold Star in 2000. Have fun and learn in a safety first, no pressure environment. no loud music, we come in the afternoon, and those sounds they use are not loud and neutral, sometimes none. Have these people ever heard of online registration systems! Yeah! All the kids had such a great time, and many parents commented on how this was a great. Communication with the parents couldn't be any better.

Gold Star Gymnastics was established in May, 1996. Before joining the Gold Star staff, she participated in our PreSchool and Recreational programs for eight years, then becam... Jodi began coaching in the summer of 2019. W... Jenna started coaching at Gold Star in winter of 2018. My daughter really enjoys going to gymnastics so no complaints there. We love our teachers, Nadia, Anastasia and Kim, kind and attentive to all kids in a group. Katie is USA Gymnastics Safety c... Katy H. began coaching at Gold Star in the fall of 2019, but has been part of our family since she was a toddler in our KinderStar program.

She came to Gold Star in the spring of 2018 after working in customer service since 2014. Red and Orange classes meet for 55 minutes, Yellow and Green classes for 85 minutes. Everything looks very well maintained, restrooms are clean, and (what I really love!) In 1979, she started coaching and replaced beam workouts with dan... C.C. I'm looking for professional gymnastic classes for kids, but since my kids are young, they offer only ministars classes for them. Gold Star has become a leader in the community for hiring and training high school students to become effective and compassionate teachers – giving them their first jobs to prepare them for both their future and ours.

In May, 2001, Pamela and Herb Evans bought the business and reorganized as Gold Star Gymnastics, L.L.C. Red & Blue classes meet for 55 minutes, and Purple classes for 85 minutes.

Call for a free trial. She has a Bachelors in Physical Education from Zaporozhskiy S... Patty started at Gold Star in the spring of 2014, joining our front desk staff. My kids really like their teacher.They are young and total beginners but have fun!I love their absence policy - you don't have to call an hour ahead of time or anything, it's just that if you don't show, they note it down and you have that session to make up either on Saturday, or on one special Sunday each month which is a make-up day, or even during the summer (they long as you're still enrolled, I think).It's also really great for my little ones to see the more advanced gymnasts (heck, they really impress me too!) And my husband, who is the world's biggest germaphobe, couldn't find a single thing to complain about! We will be clearer about conveying this situation next year. It's actually a pretty good value for a specialty gym; it works out to about $8/hour with the punch card. Our Rhythmic classes are taught with a structured curriculum, a passion for the sport, and care of the children present in all our Gold Star programs. Gymnastics classes are the heart of Gold Star, taught by coaches who are enthusiastic, dedicated to student advancement, and committed to safety.

The class is structured for toddlers (with an adult’s assistance), and focuses on both gross motor and socialization skills. Before joining our staff, Jenna was a gymnast in our Preschool, Recreational, and Artistic Team programs. He began gymnastics at age five, and came to Gold Star three years later. - and teacher Natasha was cheerful and encouraging, reassuring us how well they were doing and not to worry that they were a little all over the place from time to time. This business is based in the Silicon Valley and uses the most out dated technology possible to register it's students! The skill level of attendees varies widely, but everyone definitely gets a good workout! They never clean up.

She trained as a gymnast for 8 years, then left to participate in other sports, but has now circled back to our join All-Star Cheer team... Ansel began coaching at Gold Star in the winter of 2020, but has been a GSG student since he was in MiniStars rising through our recreational levels to compete on our Compulsory Bo... April began working the front desk at Gold Star in the spring of 2016, but has been part of the GSG family since 2011 as mother of two Cheer and Hip Hop students.

14 other reviews that are not currently recommended. Great place for small kids! I've seen toddlers knocked down and hit with chairs.

She can do that for free at home.-It is CROWDED. He came to the gym as a m... Talya started coaching at Gold Star in the spring of 2010. She has competed in our All-Star Dance program since she was 10. We love the place, and recommend it. She currently compe... Jessica P. began working at Gold Star in the fall of 2019. Full-day campers have an option to buy or bring lunch. My son learned to be more confident using his body while he was there which was a big plus for me especially since he'd had a bad experience at different gym previously. This co-ed class is multi-level, providing adult participants a socially appropriate environment to practice their skills.