James Harden get a western themed coloway of his signature sneaker, Yeee Ha! Both are really good just different. They also felt good in the heel, but had no cushion in the forefoot, and honestly felt very cheap. I am not quite 40, but can definitely feel better cushion. The newest coloway of the adidas Harden Vol. The PG3 which I’m trying now is softer in the heel bc the foam is softer overall. Another great review Schwollo. Sizing advice: half size down for best fit. 3 flaunts a disruptive style and never-follow attitude. Related products. $ 140.00 $ 90.00 Select options; adidas Harden Vol. Heel fit is pretty good but could be better. But with the marquee boost low i was betwenn 10 and 10.5. „The Quickest stepback” is on the side and is huge. On the tongue we’ll find a list of many of Harden’s achievements. Should you go out and buy the V3 now? No menu assigned!. Feels more like a terry cloth/Velour like the CLB16 (neither really helps with lockdown imo). An old school “Wanted” poster from the Wild Wild West is printed on the translucent outsole. Thank’s for your answer. Your review of the shoes is very similar to my experiences. Even my Hoyle playing cards have been replaced with a ‘Frozen’ one..SMH.. Adidas has really done a nice job with Harden’s signature line…CLB 16 ( I know not technically his sig), Vol 1 & 2’s were all really amazing performers so I’ve been looking forward to reading your review on the Vol 3’s. I’ll gladly take an excellent shoe at $42 versus another excellent shoe at $140. 160 USD. And that’s a drawing lol but yes we’ll see. Overall, I’m going to give this a first team rating . Cushioning is great. Remember those thin years before I came along and companies (and reviewers) didn’t even address this? Harden 3 is true to size maybe a touch long but not enough to go down. These look so plain compared to the 1st 2 models but glad to see they still perform well. Do you think I need to size up? It’s numbers are about average while the V3 is what I consider low to the ground like the Curry 4, Kyrie 3 Etc…. Much better than the V1 not quite V2 level though. No issues here and I’m sure if I could fit half a size down, it would have worked even better. Great containement in 10 but a little small. But hey adidas likes polarizing people so they got that in harden, true, too bad even after his MVP his shoes sat…I mean, there really isn’t anywhere else to go except for down from here, Unless rox win it all and harden goes bonkers lol, lmao sorry bro that’s not happening, especially after what just happened last night with gsw vs chi, Completely off topic, but I assume you have a field day every time Nike releases marketing material for new products, and today’s Kyrie 5s are no exception. I love doubling up on discounts and this year we really learned adidas is discounting hard. Design of the shoe is ok but could have easily been better. I enjoy reading them bc I love a good laugh. 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Exodus Performance Analysis and Review, The Archive: Nike Kobe IX 9 EM Performance Analysis and Review, The Archive: Nike Kobe IX 9 EM Performance Analysis and Review | schwollo.com, Adidas Marquee Boost Performance Analysis and Review | schwollo.com, Adidas Dame 5 Performance Analysis and Review | schwollo.com, Nike Zoom Freak 1 Performance Analysis Review and Comparison | schwollo.com. I’m sure MAGA Kanye didn’t help. Just don’t raise the prices. „Wanted” is visible on the back just above the adidas logo. Harden V1 was 17 ounces while the V2 was 18.5. It’s also really thin, I couldn’t imagine harden playing in these. I just hope the zoom’s gonna feel nice cause it looks pretty thin in the marketing material, we’ll see lol, Looks like it’s about as thin as quilt lol. 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NXT Performance Analysis and Review, The Archive: Air Jordan XX2 22 Performance Review, Nike Lebron XIV 14 Performance Review and Analysis, Under Armour Curry 3 Low Performance Review and Analysis, Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Primeknit vs Non PK Comparison, Adidas Dame Lillard 3 Performance Analysis and 2 Comparison, Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct Performance Analysis and Review, Nike Kyrie 3 vs 2 Performance Review and Comparison, The Archive: Nike Zoom Generation Performance Review, Nike Kyrie 3 Performance Review by Randy Booker, Head to Head: Nike Kobe AD vs Adidas Harden Vol 1, Adidas Harden Volume Vol 1 Performance Review, Under Armour Curry 3 Performance Review and Comparison, The Archive: Nike Lebron VII 7 P.S. 3 “Cookies Cream” Grey Black $ 87.00 Select options; adidas Harden Vol. The padded ankle collar of the PG feels awesome, whereas on the Vol 3’s the ankle area feels okay but even going half size down I can feel some minor heel slip just walking around. 160 USD. Just like James Harden’s commanding game and his fashion choices off the hardwood, the Harden Vol. 3 “Wanted” For Sale” Cancel reply. Speaking of pricing.. . The Harden line has been a rotation staple for me the past few years and glad to see this one still plays well even if I don’t really like how they look, Protros better fit overall but not as flexible as V3, Call me dumb but as much as I’ve been tempted to get his past shoes based on the shoes themselves, I can’t get myself to buy them. The Harden V2 were selling for $42 on adidas.com. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It will be interesting to see what the mi adidas options are going to be. “Most Wanted”: James Harden’s newest sneaker design pays tribute to step-back jumper The newest edition of the Adidas Harden Vol. Thanks! adidas Harden Vol. My last shoes are very old and broken down, but nike used to make a full length cushion that was low to the ground and had a wider forefoot area. I’ve recently shed some weight and I’m back to my 154 lbs frame from when I was 30 (ages ago). Haha nice ! But once again wait, you’re not getting paid to win those big time games at 24 Hour Filthiness and Harden prices will fall hard (en) . $128 is way better than $160, but still too much when you can easily get V2s for ~$70 or less. Jordansforall was created to give people a reliable source with credible information on sneaker release dates, culture, upcoming sneakers, reviews, and any breaking news around our home state of Michigan. Heel to toe transition is very good. Adidas Harden LS PK ‘White Zebra’ For Sale $ 100.00 Select options; adidas Harden Vol. They were dirt cheap on Adidas at one point I passed but haven’t seen too many reviews on them so was just curious, Funny story with the BE2 I bought them dirt cheap at 33 bucks with that 40% off Played in them a few times they felt really firm but low to the ground (bounce needs volume too ). Pola, których wypełnienie jest wymagane, są oznaczone symbolem *. I think the flaps would really help with heel lockdown. This is better than the 1s for sure. For me it’s the Lebron 16, the articulation concept really worked. If you want more flexibility softer boost and a little better traction go w the 3. The whole shoe mixes white, gold and black. Hey Schwollo, any updates as far as comparing between vol 2’s and 3’s? $ 130.00 $ 90.00 Select options; adidas Harden Vol. 3 “Wanted” For Sale”, Nike Air Max 97 Platinum Performance Review, adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Performance Review. I have tried quite a few shoes trying to get some kind of fit. All those signs are made with a western themed font. Didn’t really feel like they were worth 33 bucks haha. If you want to save some money the KD IX and X would work as well. Which plays a lot like the harden vol 3 but with a better fit. Hi my man. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best shopping experience and reliable source to buy. It is also backed by nylon so it doesn’t feel flimsy and cheap. Or will tying them less tight remedy the situation? No reason to pay full retail when these will drop and there are other great performing shoes for far less. I had some minor heel slip to start but it went away for the most part. 99.97 USD. Traction is about the same and cushioning is just preference so the rest is up to you. The 2s feel very snug to me with the bootie construction and I feel totally locked into those. I’d wait for $85 ish before buying another (I like checking Eastbay Adidas Fl if they are still FSR so I know if they are even moving when discounted). Please click Here to setup menu. Is Harden V3 in your top 5 roaster now? Takes a lot to unseat 12 years of good memories with a great shoe! Let me know how it works out ! It is a bit plain Jane looking but nobody will care if you’re getting buckets. I also picked up a pair of PG 2.5’s for a very good price (haven’t played in them yet), how would you say that shoe compares to either of the Hardens? That’s what it really boils down to. Be the first to review “adidas Harden Vol. Crazylight it is not. if they were team models instead of Hardens, I would have doubled up on the v1s and gotten a pair of v2s (or better yet, if they were Dames), And that’s one big reason harden isn’t loved. ( Log Out /  QUICK VIEW. If a shoe has any raise at all on the outside edge, my foot will find it, and cause me major pain. Congrats on yet another stellar review. LIGHTEST HARDEN EVER … by half an ounce. It does goes away after about an hour or two of play. I got some flat-ass feet and I went true-to-size. I just can’t get myself to support a player with so much talent and yet, relies on such bs tactics to get fouls on a nightly basis (hooking people’s arms all the time, hopping on people’s backs, etc.). adidas Harden Vol. Kobe protro is stiffer overall underfoot (softens up w break in) but has a slightly better fit. Thanks for the feedback Schwollo! Fit is similar but I’d go up half a size or a full size for your needs. I guess I should have rearranged the lineage differently. Great traction and a pretty good fit while keeping the shoe fun with Boost done right plus it’s light less heavy. still haven’t tried those out. Thank you Adidas and you’re welcome sneakerworld. I can’t seem to find anything quite like my old worn out Nikes that worked. Hi Schwollo, thanks for the review. If you’re trying them on in the store, be aware that the fit will feel slightly sloppy because the materials don’t really conform to the foot right away.