These were from creatures that either fell into the sinkhole and drowned, or from remains placed there as sacred offerings!

Before a small tunnel was built, the only entrance to the sinkhole was a small opening between two oak trees. Due to the relatively stable surface temperatures combined with the mild water’s temperatures, the Devil’s Den is a suitable site for swimming all year round. The park is also unique because it is an important and beautiful example of how ecosystems develop in response to … The cave is beautiful with natural rock formations and freezing cold water!

Small grates block the inward and outward flow of water. The Devil's Den in Florida is a sinkhole that widens to an underground cave.

Devil Spring (also known as “Little” Devil) is a four-foot-wide fracture at the head of the Devil’s Spring System run.

Dive the largest clear water cavern located in the heart of freshwater spring country in Williston, Florida.

Get Directions using Google Maps. Also of note is a giant catfish that must 50 pounds. Devils Den is an underground spring inside a dry cave in Williston, Florida. 72 degrees F/22.2 degrees C year round water temperature. I felt safe the whole time. It is about 30+ feet deep and circular in … Maximum depth is 54 ft/16.45 m Do not attempt to by-pass these points. Tower Publications, Inc. Hi Charlie, My friends and I drove from Crystal River, but regardless of which direction you’re coming from, I would recommend renting a car and doing a day trip, or even an RV and camping there! Monday through Thursday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 8 a.m. - … Siats, White and Albino Squirrel Research Initiative, The 3 Rock Types - Up Close and Personal, The Legend of Vampires - Pellagra, Corn and Niacin Deficiency.

As we enter the cave through the tunnel, we descend a couple flights of stairs before reaching the main dive platform. Did Yellowstone wolves really save the park’s ecosystem? Cabins, RV parks, and tent campgrounds are all available at Devil’s Den.

travelling north. You should know the following information: For diving prices, check out their official website. It is privately owned, and operated as a SCUBA diving training and recreational facility. of the dome. The surface water is below a rock dome with a small opening to daylight. The Den is the site for many interesting fossil finds.

The park's main feature is the 120 feet deep limestone sinkhole known as "Devil's Millhopper." From here we could dive outwards around a sunken dome. out another opening).

Go west on Hwy 121 or Hwy 27 respectively.

Staff is friendly great facility.

has been opened, the visibility has been terrible due to the uncontrolled algae Are you still wanting to use the photo? amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "piersgreatper-20"; HI, I saw an image that I would like to use in our of our local magazines. two acre concrete pond was created to be used for training, but ever since it Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you. It is set up as an ideal dive location and represents a unique look into the amazing underground cave networks of Northern Florida.
mornings. sign on the highway. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; The cave was opened to the public as a dive site in the early 1990s.

It's Rough Chervil. I was hoping you would grant us permission to use that image. One of the coolest aspects of the Devil’s Den is its history—there aren’t many places where you can say you’ve dived around prehistoric fossils! 5390 NE 180th Ave Lots of room for parking Very enjoyable. Devils Den is an underground spring that allows divers direct ascent to the surface. Click here for street map Many of these bones are at display at the University of Florida in Gainesville. For snorkeling prices and additional information, visit their official website. Devil's Den.

or on the logo for the official web page.

72 degrees F/22.2 degrees C year round water temperature, Inverted mushroom shape below the surface. My trip there took place on a pleasant, sunny Saturday in November. Visit the Devils Den Website to learn more about facilities and costs. Devils Den is unlike any other place I’ve seen in Florida. How deep is Devil’s Den? I own a small publishing company in Gainesville, Florida that focuses on lifestyle content. The water level in the cave has fallen along with the water table in the area. The early settlers called the place Devil's Den because of

since any sediment stirred up by other divers won't settle for most of With crystal clear water, year round 72 degree water temperatures,  ancient rock formations with stalactites, fossil beds dating back 33 million years, and much more, you're guaranteed to leave with memories that will last a lifetime! I suggest getting in as early as possible What happens to an astronaut’s bones in space? Follow the road for about 3/4 of a mile and look for As such this is somewhat like a cavern dive but much safer.

An Introduction. -Roadtrippers One of North America's most prehistoric places, Devil's Den, an underground spring inside a dry cave in central Florida. The maximum depth of the cave reaches 54 ft/16.5 m with the surface diameter being 120 ft. Cave, Caverns, and Sinkholes.

Lucas M wrote a review Oct 8. In this hollow is a beautiful and clear Florida spring. On cold winter mornings you can see steam rising from the hole in the top and is therefore fairly useless for diving (management claimed that would be It is set up as an ideal dive location and represents a unique look into the amazing underground cave networks of Northern Florida. The Devil’s Den cave is located at 5390 NE 180 Ave, Williston, FL 32696. able to handle it through the use of filters). Age (2 million - 10,000 years ago) were discovered at Devil's Den, including

temperature of 72 degrees in the Den allows diving during winter or summer.