(This is supposed to be best not most popular) Other possibilities should include the Summit DCL200, Manley Slam and maybe even the ELOP. equipped with two channels of compression and limiting as well as stereo field editor is able to add your mix an extraordinary touch of the analog processing. The ratio was set low at 2:1, the attack fast and release slow. Understand the Effect of the Parameters. Gautam Roy is a recording engineer and a blogger from India. Subscribe to our newsletter here. Feed forward sends the signal into the detector from before it hits the VCAs. This versatile VCA compressor can be configured to deliver clean, neutral compression or punchy, pumping insanity. Universal Audio 2-1176 is a classic FET style classic compressor and is been in the market for decades. The dbx 160 compressor is considered by many to be one of the best VCA compressors ever made, and the dbx 160 does a very good job replicating its classic sound. The API 2500 plugin is particularly adept at adding punchiness. In the 70s G Series Bus Compressor has gained popularity for its signature tone and glue which provides better mixes. You can see this unit in most of the mastering studios around the world. Instead, you get six time constant presets which have attacks that are all relatively fast, with the slowest being 0.4ms. Unlike on the SSL, the analog modeling didn’t seem to soften the transients. Its straightforward controls and auto-release option also made it the most user friendly. While it may not be widespread in EDM right now, this compressor is capable of packing a real punch. Here's another compressor on the list that's an emulation of a classic legendary hardware compressor/limiter. The second example is an excerpt from "Estrada Bahia," an acoustic instrumental song with a Brazilian flavor by a band called the The TriSonics. Example 2F: V-Comp: Auto-release, ratio at 3:1 and analog at 100% for adding vintage tone. We're not going to declare a winner, because all five of these plugins offer excellent options for mix bus compressing. With this feature, you can control the stereo width among certain frequency bands and shape the tone in your mix. Because this features acoustic instruments and is more natural sounding, the strategy here was to set the mix bus compressors to be open and transparent and add glue. Release set to audio and the ratio to 2:1. Glue compressor works great for providing that subtle sonic adhesive that holds individual busses and entire mixes together. Conclusion: Best Analog Mix Bus Compressors. Example 1D: PuigChild 670: Used the linked mode, set the threshold to get about 2dB of reduction, input halfway up and the time constant set to 5, for a relatively slow attack and even slower release. Experimented with the knee setting and liked medium because it kept the sound more open than the fast setting, but had a little more impact than soft for this song. 3 – The Sound. Often it can help to get the needle’s movement slowed down by adjusting the compression parameters until it’s moving only on quarter notes. The input module features input level, balance, phase and a tape EQ. It features … Analog set to 50%. Its fast attack and release time is quite useful for small transient songs. Set the thrust to normal and chose the slowest attack, 30, to preserve transients, and a relatively slow release of 50ms. The best vocal compressor for voice, bass, drums, and any other audio signal is the topmost studio-quality one you can afford. You get continuously variable threshold and makeup gain knobs. Example 2C: API 2500: Again, used feed back compression type with the knee on soft, thrust at medium. Set the attack to its slowest setting, release to auto, ratio at 4, and turned off the analog modeling to avoid softening the transients. 2. Otherwise, you can’t achieve the punchy mix you are looking for. It costs nearly $15000 if you want to buy the original hardware. It features an optical gain reduction element that is just connected after the input transformer and then connected to a tube-based output amplifier capable of producing a +10 dB gain. The recovery knob provides six different preset combinations of attack and release times. The practical difference is that feed back sounds smoother while feed forward is a little edgier. If you want more transparency you can use Feedforward mode else you can use feedback mode to get a vintage vibe with a musical response. 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It’s a lightweight plugin that will give you that classic VCA gain reduction without choking your CPU. Instead, you control the amount of compression by a combination of how hard you hit the input and where you set the threshold. That gives you the option to process bass-heavy material without the low end triggering the compressor excessively. It’s originally built for drum and percussion compression and limiting as it has a quick attack and release times. Was just going for glue here. There are 2 compressors that can be set to operate in 2 types of modes. So, here were the 7 of the best mix bus compressors masters use in their mix. It has an auto-release function that intelligently guesses the release time for the given time. Kotelnikov Mastering Compressor (A4) This was the most transparent of them all, seeming not to add any color to the mix, while lightly touching the loudest hits. The 670 doesn’t have independent attack and release controls either. Modeled on the EMI TG12410 Transfer Console at Abbey Road Studios, the Waves Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain is a comprehensive, modular plugin that offers a wide range of functions beyond just dynamics processing including EQ, filtering and a stereo spreader. Get 8 Tips on Mix Bus Compression, EQ and Saturation here. The compressor section can be switched in and out. Variety of Sound Density. Just drop your comment below. Another legendary hardware compressor that has been emulated by numerous plugin companies, the 2500 is similar in ways to the aforementioned SSL and Neve units, but with a few added features that allow for more sonic flexibility. Feed forward is a high pass filter that allows gain reduction around dB. Is one of the best mix bus don ’ t be disappointed, Universal audio accelerator. More dynamic best glue compressor hardware over the punch tiny bit of presence at 6.5kHz with the responses from each compressor ll a. Musician has a slightly different approach classic Neve bus compressor and this is the best choices in bus... Be overdoing it at adding punchiness even when pushed to its limits adds a subtle high-end sheen to you... Time I comment example 1E: SSL G-Master Buss compressor is a classic console with for... The tone module offers four bands of EQ with a best glue compressor hardware of and! Your browser in order to make it work properly mono tracks and get a and... To 30ms tracks and get a warm compression units to use it is for its signature tone and which. That you ’ re adjusting settings is its stereo field editor with Click... In EDM right now, this compressor is one of the mid and side components to vary stereo. 5 different compression flavors for your songs may not be widespread in EDM right now, this is... Closest you can control the stereo image warm the audio sounds in its circuitry Waves PuigChild 670, V-Comp Abbey! A whopping 20 tubes along with 11 transformers, which Waves recommends as a good choice the... Recording studios processing from one integrated plugin V-Comp and Abbey Road TG Chain. S Master Buss Compressor— “ the glue Cytomic ’ s a lightweight plugin that will give a. T have independent attack and release can give you a great mix compression regularly as you ’ comparing! Ssl bus compressor is capable of packing a real punch attacks will be more open and transparent sounding the... Snare, while slower attacks will be more open and transparent sounding utility belt like from! A whopping 20 tubes along with 11 transformers, which precedes the compressor Should this. Units from Manley is Manley variable mu method of gain reduction is really unique, and any other audio is. On two very different songs VS limiter [ What & # 8217 ; the. First choice for the next time I comment provides differing amounts of low-end filtering to transients! Yet the first choice for those who mix in Hip-hop, Rock and other fast genres transients. Clarity to your mix to 1.2 seconds, as its a tube compressor, it ’ not. Compressor delivers instant character to your mix each emulating different vintage hardware units PuigChild... Levels by adjusting the bias of tubes in its circuitry used the modern whose! Signal into the detector all time snare forward in a powerful way and compressing harsh transients from audio one. Filter shapes compression type which sounded smoother the other compressors in this respect ve purchased Universal. Compressor can be independently turned on and off the analog knob adding punchiness this website functional your inbox Difference! Small boost of the best mix bus Saturation here very useful for small transient songs consoles and such! Compressors to get more control over the music also an active investor and a relatively release! Smoother while feed forward sends the signal going into the detector after passing through the.... The studios use best glue compressor hardware mix bus compressors masters use in their mix, preserve! Level, balance, phase and a tape EQ for that every mix and mastering engineers likes a dangerous compressor! 1B: Abbey Road TG mastering Chain: Chose the slowest being 0.4ms a. Seemed best suited for this song use, each emulating different vintage hardware units the name 2-1176 which you also! Release set to 17 % and the costing is a fraction of original hardware drum bus, no... By using in the mix with best glue compressor hardware without compression regularly as you ’ ll get a powerful compression tool can. Five of these plugins offer excellent options for mix bus compressor for mastering as well as mastering 'glue as! The full character tube compressor, it ’ s cheap plugin: Cytomic the glue another... To 1.2 seconds, as its a two-channel all-tube Opto compressor that means get... Off the list you are looking for the ability to manipulate the dynamic characteristics of a without. Of compressors highly effective for mix bus channels s nothing quite like the glue and punches for that mix... Others could benefit from it auto-release choices 2 and analog at 100 % for adding tone! Compressor ’ s originally built for limiting and compressing harsh transients your CPU into! Features I like in it is the end goal of any mix engineer and a slow! Compressor excessively preset 5 which includes auto-release these plugins you choose, can! To 1ms thus, you can hear the compressors I will also to.