", She concluded, "My favorite part was growing our family, having our beautiful children!". We talk out everything. A sorcerer's wand. They were so excited for me to have such a great man. Now all they need is a catchy hybrid name. "I have never seen a more intelligent and inclusive and engaging group of young people that are determined to truly be better than those who have come before them.". Stephen "tWitch" Boss and Allison Holker are one of the cutest dance couples around, so it's pretty fitting that their love story actually started on So You Think You Can Dance. I wanted to cry!

data-prebid="0x0:|1024x0:ds_desktop_medrec" DS: Let's talk about both of you being in the dance industry. A teacher. With parents who dance professionally, it's no wonder that 4-year-old Maddox and 12-year-old Weslie like to bust a move. Customer Service But there have been some beautiful, heartfelt reactions from people who've known us for years—William Wingfield, Joshua Allen and Comfort [Fedoke]. ☝️, Awesome, You’re All Set! We wouldn't be surprised if Maddox followed in tWitch and Allison's (dancing) footsteps. The family took a hike together and stopped at the top for a quick group photo.