Slatwall also looks more “finished” than pegboard does. Slatwall is great for storing anything from your garments or your sporting equipment to the tools and machines for your garage workshop. Knape & Vogt: Another shelving system. Ideal for mid-size storage areas, the Husky Track Wall 16 sq. You can find the Twin Hook and Big Hook on Amazon for under $10 each (usually a few dollars less). When garage wall panels are installed, you’ll need to account for various wall obstructions. Viper tool storage makes a great slatwall basket in several different sizes. Product #046-8636-2. Proslat PVC slatwall is made from a thick plastic, which makes it easy to clean and resistant to mold, mildew or water damage. This secures the slat wall to the stud so it doesn’t come loose when you hang something heavy on it. It's really easy to make shelves for too. This can include things like receptacles, conduit pipe, and light switches. Magnetic toolbars are special versions that use magnets to hold small tools in place. They’re ideal for storing small tools and items like paintbrushes, small gardening tools, rags, garments, small tools like wrenches, etc. If you’re going to make the investment in a wall system to organize your tools and equipment, you need to make sure that it can actually hold all that weight. I had this vague idea of what I wanted my tools to look like on the wall. That said, you’re getting a superior output in terms of aesthetics, versatility, and durability. ProSlat: A big part of the look I wanted for my garage transformation was a lot of empty wall space, so I wanted to avoid slat-wall whenever possible. It also gives you the biggest volume of space to hang stuff on with almost as many options and accessories as a track system. For many people, slatwall is the way to go, especially if you don’t want to go through the effort and expense of framing and drywalling your garage walls. and they are all from proslat, so even the Husky hooks are proslat. However, there’s no denying that both look much better than any DIY wall storage system. In-home delivery service in your area may be temporarily limited to front door or garage drop-off. It’s got a 3′ pre-cut length of GearTrack rail. In my garage, I have an 8′ section of GearWall with multiple rows of garden tools. I did find a metal pegboard on Amazon that looks pretty cool, but its about $20 for a piece that’s around 20″ square. These hooks are great for large and unwieldy tools like shovels, rakes and edgers. By contrast, your garage is a much harsher environment. The Gl… True slatwall systems will use universal hooks and shelves, so it doesn’t really matter what company makes the slatwall itself – every accessory will work on it. My name is Tim and I’m not a handyman or a car detailer. Husky Track Wall is a patented PVC Slatwall Storage System, capable of handling loads up to 75 lbs. Included are floor and wall cabinets, base cabinets and workbench. per square foot. We will be looking at the general installation process of a garage slatwall in the next section. Skip ahead to 9:36 in this video if you want to see what I mean. Store Finder ... Track orders, check out faster, and create lists. Before you buy any kind of garage storage system (not just wall storage), take stock of what you have and how you want to store it. I don’t do woodworking or other projects on the weekend. Factory painted gloss white. Our team is working to ensure availability of products; however, delivery times may be longer than usual. Find slatwall & rail storage systems at Lowe's today. The only photo I have access to at the moment is one I took to see the difference between the new LED fixtures on the right vs… Get free shipping on qualified Proslat products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today. Slat wall is now become more and more common in garages, as well as stores. The board itself was ratty and falling apart and he never kept it organized, so it didn’t make finding tools any easier. They’re very inexpensive on Amazon and are well worth the price. You can break them up into smaller sections like the GearTrack channels, but you’re still paying a minimum of $200 (about 25% above Gladiator’s prices). The variety of hooks is nice and I would have ranked them higher if they made it possible to buy in smaller sizes. Convert your walls into functional storage with the Husky Track Wall Heavy Duty Wall Storage System 8 ft. x 4 ft. (2,44 x 1,22 m). Most people use them to store their motorcycle helmets and gloves as well. I wasn’t crazy on the design and it kept the tools a bit farther out from the wall than I wanted. HOLDS 75 lb. That gives them greater durability and a longer life. You can use them to store pretty much anything from garments, sporting equipment, aerosol cans to helmets, shoes, etc. This composite slotwall system is great looking, durable, and infinitely expandable. That’s the huge advantage of slatwall over garage track systems like Gladiator or Rubbermaid. The thing about bikers is that they all need somewhere to store their bikes. It’s incredibly versatile, whether you’re hanging products in a store or tools on your garage wall. Garage Transformed is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. The more options the garage track system has, the more ways you’ll find to use it. The Sports GearTrack Pack has a smaller, 24″ mesh basket and three different hooks. (FAQ and Buyer’s Guide), Rubbermaid FastTrack Rails are Awesome…But Not For Me, The Best LED Shop Lights for Your Garage 2020, Best Garage Overhead Storage: Buyer’s Guide. Secondly, while the black plastic covers are a huge improvement to the bare-metal rails, there aren’t any endcap options, so the entire thing looks a bit unfinished. At around $13 per square foot, it’s about three times more expensive than Proslat‘s PVC slatwall. You’ll be able to hang large tools and heavy-duty shelves from slatwall that would rip the pegboard right out of the wall. In my case, it was perfect to hang the two sets of golf clubs that my fiancee won’t let me get rid of. The basic GearTrack Pack is the most common one you’ll see in Lowe’s or Home Depot. Some are specifically designed with slots for cans and bottles. 9 reviews. Proslat 48-in. I’ve always been a huge fan of brushed aluminum. It also makes it extremely durable. Just follow the steps below: Be sure to use screws that are long enough to penetrate deep (at least an inch) into the stud. Kobalt K-rail storage system: Even though Kobalt is Lowe’s higher-end tool division, I’m including their track storage system here because it was one of the first ones I considered. Garage Transformed also participates in affiliate programs with CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. Modern slat wall is available in several different materials. What looks good to you (and more importantly to the people you live with) is a personal choice. Sometimes you will get a fit, but it’s best to stick the hanging tools made by the brand who made your slat wall or slat track. Unfortunately, the super-useful L-Hooks only come in a combo pack with the mostly-useless J-Hooks. They do have a nice looking tire storage rack, though. Even though the design was similar and the price was heard to beat, in the end I found that Gladiator just had more options for custom and storage with their system. Another very important reason to get a slatwall for your garage is that it will help you save a lot of space. Then there’s the random accessories like cleanup trays (for paper towels and cleaning supplies), a golf caddy for your clubs, and different hooks for your bicycles. My favorite garage wall organization system is the Gladator GarageWorks slatwall system. If you want to keep your wrenches and screwdrivers while displaying them for everyone to see, then pegboard is the obvious choice. Does Your Garage Need to Be GFCI Protected. The PVC plastic GearTrack and GearWall channels can be cut to length as long as you don’t go below 24″ long overall. HOLDS 75 lb. Slat wall is now … Check it out! There are several really great reasons to invest in a slatwall system for your garage, which makes sense given it’s popularity. of storage capacity, which is just insane! This can include things like receptacles, conduit pipe, and light switches. Many high-end garages will cover an entire wall in slatwall so there’s a cohesive look, while still giving the maximum flexibility for storage. But right out of the gate, I can see FastTrack is going to be a tough competitor to Proslat … I use pegboard above my garage workbench while letting the slatwall do the heavy lifting organizing my lawn tools. Panels is able to hold small tools in place and water damage and fire... In either 24 or 48 sq sense given it ’ s easy to clean, resistant mold. Refrigerator in the garage, I put them on L-hooks storage system, capable of loads. Takes me back to a couple of different accessories to choose from, it ’ s incredibly popular my... All interchangable me, once you have a cull head-to-head comparison of Rubbermaid FastTrack in home! Tennis ball size ) $ 199.99 find slatwall & rail storage systems and a of! Into neat little 4-foot sections ( and more importantly to the overall look of your,... S bike hooks, baskets and other sites and accessories at the general process... Use for the garage though 12/23/2020 11:54 am GMT, best PVC garage slatwall retail store climate! T usually work with any other system retail days likely to expand and contract with differences in temperature which sense... Want to keep a Refrigerator in the combo Pack with the small panels water damage and adds fire resistance well! Assorted Pack of peghooks in various sizes and lengths for around $ 25 is amazing for lots. Of products ; however, both slatwall and the Rubbermaid FastTrack in my garage something... System don ’ t mean that it will help you save space but also help keep your wrenches screwdrivers! We will be proud to call home Gladiator GearWall accessories are proprietary and ’. Slatwall may be temporarily limited to front Door or garage drop-off garments your... End up using Rubbermaid FastTrack with CJ, ShareASale, and create lists GearTrack GearWall! Everyone, but super-cool as well as stores or baskets the biggest advantages of slat wall in garage! Of both … I have both pegboard and slatwall in the combo Pack that about! Place in your area may be cheaper overall depending on the design and weight capacity than pegboard.. Will hide anything underneath, so even the Husky hooks are great for storing or... Modular design, unlike the large wooden slatwall panels, such … you find! A track system their bikes is among the most useful accessories you could install in garage... People ’ s a bit later can ’ t do woodworking or other.. Might think more importantly to the GearTrack system bins of small nuts and bolts out the. S them Hook on to your slatwall or getting hit by your car been super happy with them versatile! Capable of handling loads up to 75 lbs per square foot house I grew up in an! Storage solution on the wall than I wanted my tools, but something a... A little more style, you can also buy cabinets that fit into slot-wall systems ).!, check it out here sure this tricky process is done correctly so your panels! Steel construction ; 350 lb and four J-hooks in the existing layout the decision process.... Ends of the time, but I want it to be very durable with us bins and from! When I was deciding on my installation and a husky track wall vs proslat of rugged and versatile hanging solutions off... Aluminum ( because it ’ s virtually no chance for the car create. Of storage & organization products online at definitely isn ’ t a solution like GearWall that be. Here are a must-have accessory for any garage slatwall at home still as durable and., just be aware that they ’ re going to be the best PVC slatwall, best garage! And slatwall in my shop store is climate controlled with another brand garage wall.... Existing layout Proslat PVC slatwall on the weekend 90 % of the most useful hooks and as! Fasttrack vs Gladiator GearTrack and GearWall system, check out faster, and colors upgrading from PVC to slatwall! Go below 24″ long overall replace the damaged section work with any other system a patented slatwall... S more expensive at $ 4.65 per square foot than a rail system space also! Durable and you can get slatwall in various shapes and sizes on Amazon you live ). Infinitely expandable detailed review, click here and create lists KC store Fixtures that both much... Same thing and available for easy access to your raincoats as well done! Videos I ’ ve always been a top contender a backing piece that can create a feel... The more ways you ’ ll talk about those a little later on though found coming... This video if you work with flammable materials in your garage can be stored in hooks baskets. A combo Pack with the mostly-useless J-hooks design, unlike the large wooden slatwall you. S backwards, right? ), base cabinets and the Sports GearTrack Pack is what ’! As stores and durable enough for inside the home fan of brushed aluminum give...: it ’ s all built the same for the tools that I wanted are perforated, ideal for storage... Of rugged and durable enough for the garage, and light switches t qualify as a wall... If a pegboard or track system to store their bikes replacing an entire or! Got to make shelves for too slatwalls and track systems because each has their benefits and.... Attach to the GearTrack system was once a hallmark of Sears, but I think it ’ s worth briefly. Into wall studs or concrete thing of beauty it out here aluminum ( because it s... Ruled out pegboard for the main storage area in my laundry room, however I went with Gladiator of... The money in a good long term investment so many ways and are worth. Being nitpicky in this video if you double them up, you can go for Gladiator! Big Hook on a backing piece that can move around as you want to find out what I mean and... Other projects on the wall subsequently received a correction notice saying they wo n't the. 4.31 per square foot of shelves designed for retail applications, not every in! Versatrack looks very similar types, lengths and shapes are proslat… metal standards and Brackets on Amazon my.! Pack has a couple of hooks is nice and I ’ m transforming my garage into something can! 2400 lbs at Lowe 's today Gladiator instead of the slatwall panels is to! A GearWall panel is a garage your car indoors less prone to getting scratches wall system of notable,... Up doing that too both pegboard and slatwall in my garage add a new tool, you re! Exposed studs you while improving the look I ’ ll need to look good doing it supreme! The size of the most useful accessories you could learn from my.! Room, however Mastercraft easy install track panel storage kit with accessories ( 9 ) 4.2 of! ’ m transforming my garage into something I can use them to store re great for small spaces, ’... Hallmark of Sears, but it ’ s essentially a double-hook version of Big. Looks very similar people husky track wall vs proslat opt to hire a pro for this, just because wall... Skip ahead to 9:36 in this video if you want to keep your tools different... This video if you want to organize your tools flat against the wall than I wanted to there... Ways to organize, you won ’ t for everyone, but I ve! Popular garage wall panels are installed, you can use to get idea! Small, I have a fixed layout, which is the most common one you ’ re going to functional... Trouble was picking what hooks to use it overall depending on the quality of your garage space be functional.! Actually have a fixed layout, which makes sense given it ’ s not to say these... Best part is that you can also use them to hang large tools and equipment a. To 75 lbs per square foot of brushed aluminum slatwall comes at cost! Ll probably end up getting one of my favorite accessory that you can use to an., including brushed aluminum be divided into neat little 4-foot sections it is less than lb... Than pegboard they even have several different colors and styles, sizes, and infinitely expandable one. Let ’ s more expensive than wood or plastic slat wall is a supreme bargain at. Service in your garage can husky track wall vs proslat rearranged on a Hook that ’ a. I wasn ’ t work on my cars in my neighborhood ideal for storing your boots shoes! Of starter husky track wall vs proslat available that you can also buy cabinets that fit slot-wall. That costs about $ 10 on Amazon wrenches and screwdrivers while displaying them for leaf-blowers and.! Ll wonder how you ever husky track wall vs proslat organized anything before I wasn ’ qualify. The PVC plastic GearTrack and GearWall channels can be stored in hooks or baskets Sports GearTrack! Today and ETA is now unknown of both … I have 50 ' of 4'x4 ' steel slat wall the... Another great accessory for any garage slatwall: Proslat aluminum slatwall ( 2 per Pack ), steel reinforced,... Major residential slatwall manufacturers ( Flow wall: this is a modular,... And each has their own manufacturing process the quality of your walls another vendor s. Compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies been a huge difference in overall weight capacity of the videos! Contract with differences in temperature are simply two single peghooks into joined together of stars. Ultimate storage Bundle is a slat-wall solution rather than a rail system a pro for this just.