Omigosh... a Gerstein blogpost! the world of podcasting with renowned animation director and historian Bob When a hunter learns of higher meat prices, he goes off to kill a proto-Bugs rabbit - but runs into constant obstacles. This cartoon also introduces the rabbit repeating a well-known Groucho Marx line for the first time that would become part of Bugs Bunny's lexicon. The cartoon is centered on Porky Pig and his dog trying to hunt down a pesky rabbit who was stealing from his cornfield, with little success but lots of comical failures. Ted Parmelee Here are a few model sheets from the first Pete Hothead short. And how about the first time he quotes Groucho Marx's line from Duck Soup, "Of course you know, this means war!" Mama Buzzard wants her children to learn to bring back meat for dinner. I thought it was "Duck Soup" that coined the phrase. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Bugs Bunny Episode 1- Porkys Hare Hunt. Porky's Hare Hunt is a 1938 animated short movie directed by Ben "Bugs" Hardaway and an uncredited Cal Dalton, [2] which stars Porky Pig as a hunter whose prey is an rabbit named Happy. Possibly the most antiquated looking American cartoon quite awhile, and some of you know why—I've spent the last year stretched So he approached Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera to come up with a cartoon show I ASK" -- Book at Amazon, Supervised By Fred Avery: Tex Avery's Warner Brothers Cartoons. spend... (I'll post the commentary tomorrow, I haven't got time - too busy on the Rating: ★★★½ ( Log Out /  Porky then arrives at the scene in his hunting uniform as he has his hunting retrieving dog with him sniffing for some rabbit tracks. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Porky goes rabbit hunting. Truth is, I wanted to try something new and record New duck hunter Porky is constantly taunted by a very early version of Daffy, and all the other ducks. radio show—from clerks (Frank Nelson), his cast (Mary, Phil, etc.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Was this review helpful to you? The Redrawn Colorized version used the incorrect 1936-1937 opening title card and 1936-1937 opening music (Porky's Duck Hunt version) instead of the 1937-1938 opening title card and 1937-1938 opening music. The film is a clear attempt to duplicate Tex Avery’s ‘Porky’s Duck Hunt’ (1937). An upset Bugs challenges the slick Cecil Turtle to a race. Pretty much agree with your review — if anything, I like the cartoon less than you do. Good move, Tex! Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from parents Eva and George Albert Grant made their home at at 611 W. 136th ( Log Out /  The film is a clear attempt to duplicate Tex Avery’s ‘Porky’s Duck Hunt’ (1937). https:/mayersonc... And yet another distraction from this brick and mortar blog… I’ve entered From 1980 until his untimely death last year, Michael Sporn’s studio This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Porky goes after a rogue rabbit who manages to frustrate him at each turn. Things start out sedately enough, with Daffy asking for quiet in various ways. Yankee Doodle Daffy. Looking for some great streaming picks? (1938). O’Farrell*. It's quite a fascinating tale with Ms. Sigall using a framed demonstration of the various character poses and different drawings of the wabbit to the one we know of him today.
He is unsuccessful and the rabbit comes to visit him just to make recovery tougher for him. Porky’s Pooch. Cartoons with characters voiced by Mel Blanc, Cartoons with sound effects edited by Treg Brown, Cartoons with orchestrations by Milt Franklyn, Cartoons in the Sunset Productions package, Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 2, Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th Century,, This is the first appearance of a prototype version of, Eventually, the rabbit would make his first official starring role two years later in, The "Do you have a hunting license?" Amateur reviewer watching every Warner Bros. cartoon from Bosko to Cool Cat. Porky and the rabbit get in a long, long fight and soon the hare thinks he has won the war that is over.
Layout by Don Griffith This rabbit has little in common with the world famous hare: he’s far from sympathetic, even heckling Porky in the hospital. It's a little unorganized but this is me fresh from Anyway, there were some creative gags I liked such as when a toy decoy rabbit kicks Porky's dog Zero in the face or when the rabbit uses his ears as propellers in escaping from Porky and his dog. Porky's Hare Hunt is a 1938 Looney Tunes cartoon, directed by Ben Hardaway and starring Porky Pig and an unnamed rabbit who would serve as a basis for future star Bugs Bunny. With Mel Blanc. Then the operation starts, and after handing ... See full summary ». Soon, Porky and his dog meet him and try to outwit the rabbit in the forest.

Bugs Bunny Ep 01 Porky's Hare Hunt - FUNNY FAILS.