Those supporters see him as forceful, unapologetic and a symbol of economic success. Though a majority of Latino voters favor Democrats, Hispanic men are a small but enduring part of Trump’s base. A page focused on Trump vs Biden 2020 presidential polls throughout the campaign season. President Trump leads Joseph R. Biden Jr. by eight points in a state he won by 14 in 2016. Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem. Recently we have seen a number of indicators to suggest not that the polls are completely wrong but that the race might change in its final 22 days. Democrats in New Jersey are voting at higher rates than Republicans in conservative strongholds with three weeks to go before Election Day.

“Battleground” or “swing” states, which can switch back and forth between the two major parties in U.S. presidential votes and are heavily courted by candidates, will be crucial to deciding the winner of this year’s election. Read the latest news and analysis on the 2020 Presidential Election.

A barrage of attacks trying to link the Democratic nominee to policies like Medicare for All aren’t hurting him, polls show, as many of the policies remain popular with most Americans. . 1-866-306-4636, TTY/Teletype writer:

After several near misses, Democrats can taste victory in Georgia — and Republicans fear President Trump’s lackluster numbers may drag down the party’s Senate candidates with him. The white suburban voters the president needs to carve a path to victory have turned away from him, for deeply personal reasons. A running table of all the presidential polls released today, with newest entries first: Pollster Margin Diff.

Our model relies mainly on state polls, which it combines with demographic, economic and other data to forecast what will happen on Election Day. Favorability (Net difference between total favorable and unfavorable).

The road to the White House runs through a handful of U.S. states where the election is expected to be especially close due to changing demographics and the polarizing politics of Republican President Donald Trump. Canada, M5W 1E6, Toll-free (Canada only): President Trump trails Joseph R. Biden Jr. by four points in the latest Times/Siena survey of North Carolina, and Senator Thom Tillis is lagging behind his Democratic challenger in a crucial Senate race. If you want to see a snapshot of what voters are thinking right now — with no fancy modeling — check out the national polls. Who’s ahead in national polls?

1-866-220-6045. Toronto, ON Mr. Graham, in a tough fight for re-election, is ahead by six percentage points, a Times/Siena College poll shows. Box 500 Station A It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges.

Would you say you are generally favorable or unfavorable toward. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday, sponsored by Whatfinger News – The best Drudge Report alternative, shows …

A fondness for minor-party candidates injects some uncertainty, making the state an unlikely late-stage battleground.

P.O. But those polls don't tell the whole story.

from ’16 result W.Va. SurveyMonkey 11:08 PM ET Sept. 15-Oct. 12, 771 L.V. Share: CBC News Presidential Poll Tracker, Text and data analysis: Éric Grenier • FAQs text: Benjamin Blum • Design and development: Richard Grasley, Andrew Ryan, Meghan Sardesai, Richa Syal, and Matt Crider, CBC News Labs, Audience Relations, CBC

Get the numbers and analysis from @EricGrenierCBC and learn what they mean for Donald Trump and Joe Biden. . Kamala Harris has had a galvanizing effect on Indian-American voters — but she’s not the only reason they support the Democratic ticket. “Battleground” or “swing” states, which can switch back and forth between the two major parties in U.S. presidential votes and are heavily courted by candidates, will be crucial to deciding the winner of this year’s election. The CBC News Presidential Poll Tracker will keep you up to date with the latest U.S. election polls. As the campaign enters the final stretch, some Democrats in Trump country are less hesitant than before to express their preference. The surge in enthusiasm reflects an urgency for Democrats desperate to oust the president. Graphics by Travis Hartman and Matthew Weber, Sources: Reuters/IPSOS; 270towin; U.S. Census, Party of winning presidential candidate (, (Net difference between total favorable and unfavorable).