The AO-92 Fox 1D satellite is very popular for amateurs. Display Coordinated Universal Time (UTC/GMT) - if set the time will be displayed as UTC, else in the default timezone.

Reloads the satellite TLE and catalog information and refreshes the display. Upload the arduino sketch to the device 2. It is the first geosynchronous amateur radio satellite transponder. When you look at the results, "Local Time" is the instant the satellite first becomes visible and is listed for your time zone. An object in this type of orbit follows the Earth’s rotation. Neither equal-area nor conformal, it abandons both for a compromise. Give it a try, it is free - just follow the above links!

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Go back to standby until next pass Here it is in action: This dish will track any number of satellites in real-time as they fly overhead. Launch our Satellite Tracker Track satellite during pass; Wait at end of pass for 2 mins, predict next pass. "Max. Perspective projection: similar to when the Earth is viewed from space. This is a satellite tracker with a 3D-printed dish based off of a real satellite dish. A high Earth orbit (HEO) is an orbit around Earth with an altitude above geosynchronous orbits at 35,786 km (22,236 mi). Downlink: 437.800 MHz. Satellite Tagging And National Collaboration. 'All' displays all the satellites currently in orbit. If you see any problems with this tool, or any of our interactive tools, please send an email to Access Tone: 67 Hz By: Kelly Beatty By: Adrian R. Ashford and David Tytell Connect to internet and get the current epoch time. Medium Earth orbit's demonstrate an orbital period between about 2 and 24 hours. When in full-screen mode the button image is changed to. It sports an inverting transponder for SSB and CW.

Get up-to-date weather forecasts for the shuttle launch site at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the landing sites across the United States. The Moon orbits the Earth at an altitude between 357,000 to 399,00 km. Downlink: 435.640 MHz +/- 30 kHz. Using a MKR 1000 WiFi board, I grab the latest TLE for the satellites of interest from celestrak; luckily the complicated part of translating from TLE to actual azimuth and elevation is already done in this library:, I also used the RTC zero library to obtain the current time: To view passes of the International Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope, or Tiangong 1, select ISS, HST, or TG1, respectively, from the satellite dropdown menu. There's a problem loading this menu right now. December 21, 1965 - Originally planned as a geostationary satellite and riding piggy-back on United States Air Force satellites, the launch vehicle had a failure and put the group into an unplanned 161 km × 33000-km orbit. Sputnik 1 transmitted signals heard by amateur operators around the world until the satellite's batteries failed 3 weeks into operation. See the Spots page for the list. The satellite dish and support structure was 3D-printed; the STL files can be found on Thingiverse: The orbits of satellites are generally given in two line element (TLE) sets, most satellites are tracked by NORAD and their TLEs can be found on: Using a MKR 1000 WiFi board, I grab the latest TLE for the satellites of interest from celestrak; luckily the complicated part of translating from TLE to actual azimuth and elevation is already done in this library: I also used the RTC zero library to obtain the current time: You can use a free version of STK to verify the predictions: If you'd like to 3D print some satellites to go with the satellite tracker check out my designs on thingiverse:,,,,, Towards an Arduino-Powered Satellite Tracker, Unicorn Finder (Kid Tracker for Techie Parents), Arduino APRS Tracker (wilderness location tracking), Non Optical Solar Tracker (East Tower 2.4KW). All rights reserved. Elon Musk's SpaceX has landed a $149 million contract to build missile-tracking satellites for the Pentagon. Make a solar tracker using an Arduino and a 3D printer.

Decayed satellites are displayed in gray text and the Display option is not available.