Pat suggests a meeting with Nikki at the place they got engaged, and despite no reply he slips away from his family on Christmas Day to meet her. THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK OFFICIAL SHOOTING DRAFT by DAVID O. RUSSELL (Based on the novel by Matthew Quick) David O. Russell WGAE Property of Weinstein Co. 2008

Couples fight.

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How are they going to support themselves? Life doesn’t always go according to plan…Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) has lost everything -- his house, his job, and his wife. Furthermore, it’s kind of hypocritical and cliche for a man to slut shame, especially considering your wife cheated on you…is she a slut too? There was nothing presented in the film that dis-illusioned any of us. What's the Difference between The Silver Linings Playbook the Book and Silver Linings Playbook the Movie? Later that night, Tiffany slaps Pat in the face when he mentions her husband Tommy’s death, but the slap is portrayed as comical, not abusive. In the movie, bickering is just a special way to express their personalities and thoughts. During the first few encounters, they always ended up with bickering furiously. Silver Linings. The romantic comedy Silver Linings Playbook (2012) demonstrates a few of the Mass Media Myths, including Myth 2 (“There’s such a thing as ‘love at first sight’”), Myth 6 (the roles of gender and masculinity), Myth 7 (“The love of a good and faithful true woman can change a man from a ‘beast’ into a ‘prince’”), and Myth 8 (Bickering and fighting mean a couple is truly in love). Follow The Sad Drunk @theronhuntcomedy. To do this he starts working out to lose weight, and he also begins reading books that Nikki–a high school English teacher–puts on her syllabus. And she wanted me to lose weight and stop my mood swings, both of which I’ve done. Overview. 0/126 likes in common. In fact, I’m pretty sure none of my friends have unbreakable bonds with each other, or have some sort of predestined connection. That’s it. Movies like Silver Linings Playbook and movies that are categorized as romantic comedies have a place in pop culture as sources of entertainment, but portray romance incorrectly and cheaply.

Pat then has dinner at his friend Ronnie’s (John Ortiz) house, and meets Ronnie’s sister-in-law Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence). Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Silver Linings Playbook; The Silver Linings Playbook is a book written by Matthew Quick, which has been adapted to a movie written and directed by David O' Russell. Fandango helps you go back to the movies with confidence and peace of mind. Follow laurelann P @plaurelann1. Pat explains that he asked his brother Jake to drive him to see Nikki, and observed her from afar, finally realizing she has a new family and is happy, and thus accepts it as the ending of the movie of his life. Here Pat is under the delusion that his constant bickering with his wife is “normal” and that their connection is “electric.”. 0000004400 00000 n Throughout their initial encounters, Pat and Tiffany bicker, but it is often portrayed in a comical, almost endearing way (Myth #8). She always wanted the best for me. You scare people.

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At the end of their routine, Tiffany and Pat score exactly a five, which means that Pat’s father has won the parlay. Silver Linings Playbook Synopsis Favorite Movie Button ... and silver linings appear in both of their lives. 0000063164 00000 n

0/21 likes in common. Tiffany’s sister Veronica (Julia Stiles) is a friend of Nikki, so Pat believes he can begin communicating with Nikki through Tiffany, thus getting around the restraining order.

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Many, if not all, people do believe that they can change their romantic partners. 0000158813 00000 n While Silver Linings Playbook wouldn’t call itself one of the movies that masses can identify with, it is, and the issue is with the genre itself.