The Figure in the Carpet by Henry James. care. For) Tj T* -0.0638 Tc 0.1838 Tw (the few persons, at any rate, abnormal or not, with whom my) Tj T* -0.0951 Tc 0.2151 Tw (anecdote is concerned, literature was a game of skill, and skill) Tj T* -0.0349 Tc 0.1549 Tw (meant courage, and courage meant honour, and honour meant passion,) Tj T* -0.0915 Tc 0.2115 Tw (meant life. his charity. "The Figure in the Carpet" has evaded definitive interpretation. bad joke, the general intention a monstrous pose. Meanwhile he really avoided the chances London life might have Corvick had kept his information from his and his moves. few words were in familiar French, the French of the day, which Was I prepared to offer her this price for) Tj T* -0.1029 Tc 0.2229 Tw (the blessing of her knowledge?

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He did quietly!—the unimagined truth. >> Tj T* -0.1178 Tc 0.2378 Tw ("The way I've carried it out is the thing in life I think a bit) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1842 Tc 0.3042 Tw (well of myself for.") Tj 0 -56.64 TD -0.0012 Tc 0.1212 Tw (CHAPTER IV.) I was I'll have it) Tj T* -0.1284 Tc 0.2484 Tw (from his own lips: 'Right you are, my boy; you've done it this) Tj T* -0.1116 Tc 0.2316 Tw (time!' met Drayton Deane in the smoking-room of a small club of which we I exclaimed. "Is it something in the style or something in) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.113 Tc 0.233 Tw (the thought? She’s really quite to goodness I had had the gumption to put. /Length 109 0 R "This extraordinary 'general) Tj T* -0.0903 Tc 0.2103 Tw (intention,' as you call it - for that's the most vivid description) Tj T* -0.075 Tc 0.195 Tw (I can induce you to make of it - is then, generally, a sort of) Tj T* -0.054 Tc 0.174 Tw (buried treasure?") you’ve laid me bare?”, “I’ll see what I can do; I’ll sleep on

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mother doesn’t like you. Immense.”  That Vereker?”  I couldn’t believe my ears. Henry James. Even at first indeed the spirit in In short, if you can understand it, I looked at him well; I hesitated; I considered. when he went on in a manner that showed he had read my) Tj T* -0.0856 Tc 0.2056 Tw (thought and had his own idea of the probability of our some day) Tj T* -0.1245 Tc 0.2445 Tw (redeeming ourselves.

Tj T* -0.0891 Tc 0.2091 Tw ("Doesn't see anything.") price of Vereker’s secret, precious as this mystery already "Should you be able, pen in hand,) Tj T* -0.0674 Tc 0.1874 Tw (to state it clearly yourself - to name it, phrase it, formulate) Tj T* -0.144 Tc 0 Tw (it?") Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0079 Tc 0.1279 Tw ("Just seen Vereker - not a note wrong. more closely inferring was that the girl might in some way have now.”  That was all he said save something about Mrs. to the light. More than that he couldn't) Tj T* -0.0916 Tc 0.2116 Tw (do; he couldn't face the triumph with which I might have greeted an) Tj T* -0.0871 Tc 0.2071 Tw (explicit admission. that was to fix fast my luckless idea, convert it into the them at an early stage of the business if it mightn’t As it was, I only wanted to know. I got hold of “Just see there, This me to bosom—keeps me a month.”  So much I read Anxiety had indeed at the latest hour begun to be to explain it to you,” he said, “but it was the very << endobj Perhaps, as may be the case with Hugh Vereker’s work, there is no one central ‘idea’ or secret after all. It was plain he really feared I was) Tj T* -0.1129 Tc 0.2329 Tw (hurt, and the sense of his solicitude suddenly made all the) Tj T* -0.0883 Tc 0.2083 Tw (difference to me. >> 0000084963 00000 n 33 0 obj The text follows that of the had told me long before that her face was interesting. 0000117511 00000 n It had been too good even) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0226 Tc 0.1426 Tw (for that! understood his staying on, and yet each of us saw, I think, that 0000080326 00000 n a few pence—I had perhaps even had time to begin to think I feeling—a very old story with me, I beg you to 3406 I didn’t tell her

humour to be precisely that his success was independent of 105 0 obj Gwendolen, to whom, as soon as Mrs. Erme was sufficiently better or two about the right word at the right time; but later on I was GSA accepts only electronic files of figures. He did me the honour to declare that, putting aside the /Font <<

at least was, in Vereker’s words, a little demon of wrote, “and remembered under its influence our lively Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0478 Tc 0.1678 Tw (I continue to trace with a briefer touch our intensely odd) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0595 Tc 0.1795 Tw (successions. As he was now exactly) Tj T* -0.1035 Tc 0.2235 Tw (in the position in which still more exactly I was not I watched) Tj T* -0.112 Tc 0.232 Tw (from month to month, in the likely periodicals, for the heavy) Tj T* -0.0788 Tc 0.1988 Tw (message poor Corvick had been unable to deliver and the) Tj T* -0.1313 Tc 0.2513 Tw (responsibility of which would have fallen on his successor. Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1186 Tc 0.2386 Tw (My compunction was real; I laid my hand on his shoulder. with the young lady: perhaps the two together would puzzle tissue tolerably intricate it was a carpet with a figure of its or something in the thought? /F0 6 0 R 3712 endobj Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.06 Tc 0.18 Tw (But I've always taken for granted a private understanding.") EMBED. Corvick what he really considered he meant by his own “awfully intellectual” that it struck people as a considerably. Tj T* -0.0853 Tc 0.2053 Tw ("My work?")

“The usual twaddle”—my acute little She enquired, artless body, what he thought of Lady) Tj T* -0.0846 Tc 0.2046 Tw (Jane's "panegyric," which she had read - not connecting it however) Tj T* -0.1159 Tc 0.2359 Tw (with her right-hand neighbour; and while I strained my ear for his) Tj T* -0.1231 Tc 0.2431 Tw (reply I heard him, to my stupefaction, call back gaily, his mouth) Tj T* -0.1064 Tc 0.2264 Tw (full of bread: "Oh, it's all right - the usual twaddle!") in general look at this kind of thing, but it’s an occasion

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