Buy Study Guide. Celia expresses concern that the house will be too much for Minny to clean, but Minny insists she can do it. Charlotte intervenes, letting on that she knows about the "terrible awful", and orders Hilly off the property, reconciling the grudge between her and her daughter. 44). One day, Miss Leefolt invites several guests over for a game of cards: Hilly, Hilly's mother Mrs. Walters, and Skeeter. [55], The soundtrack was released on July 26, 2011, through Geffen Records. That night at home, Aibileen writes down her prayers as she always does, and she finds herself adding Skeeter to the list for reasons she cannot explain. [27][28] Its four-day weekend haul of $19.9 million[29] was the fourth largest for a Labor Day weekend. In an attempt to become a legitimate journalist and writer, Skeeter decides to write a book from the point of view of the maids, exposing the racism they are faced with as they work for white families. How to Write a Movie Summary; Summary Writing Examples; Take for instance, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.In all of the teasers and trailers that LucasFilm has released, it has only revealed portions of huge and epic space battles, lightsaber battles, and the return of a few familiar faces (cue in Han Solo and Chewbacca). The film was a critical and commercial success, receiving positive reviews from critics and grossing $216 million worldwide. The novel's film rights were obtained by DreamWorks in March 2010. The film also won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. She grew up in Jackson, Mississippi – the setting of the novel. [11][12], Filming began in July 2010 and extended through October. Miss Leefolt walks in before Aibileen can answer, but this peculiar encounter continues to haunt Aibileen. Unique among young women in her social circle, she is far more interested in writing than in pursuing marriage and family life. Scenes set at the Jackson Journal office were shot in Clarksdale at the building which formerly housed the Clarksdale Press Register for 40 years until April 2010. Seeking revenge for helping Skeeter, Hilly pressures Elizabeth to terminate Aibileen, framing her for theft. Minny is fired by Hilly for using the guest bathroom and is rendered unemployable, but finds a job as a housemaid at the Foote Plantation, working for Celia Foote, a housewife ostracized by the other socialites. Suduiko, Aaron ed. Aibileen then phones Minny, who is delighted about this new job opportunity. Many of the events in the story are based on her own life and her friendship with an African-American maid when she was growing up. Parents Guide, In civil-rights era Jackson, Mississippi, 23-year-old Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan (. What do we discover about Aibileen's personality right away in the first chapter? [59], Mary J. Blige's song "The Living Proof" is the only original track. The Help is the debut novel of Kathryn Stockett, who worked in magazine publishing prior to her writing career.