Schaurig-gute Unterhaltung in kühlen Herbstnächten ist bei diesem feinen Slasher garantiert! [12] Ian Jane from Rock! Both Burnett and Parker immediately took to the slasher concept of The Hills Run Red. Start Shopping. (ungekürzte Fassung) NSFW Gallery: The Hills Run Red (Scream Factory Blu-ray) Screenshots. Almost seems like the movie is about to end before we get to the really good stuff. Rent. It was important to both Burnett and Parker, as genre fans, to not retread over a horror subgenre that has been well traversed over the last thirty-plus years. And we’re both just like ‘thanks, you just sold more movies,’” added Parker. “Bryan came down and was impressed by what Dave was doing. var _g1; He even uses a cell phone to call his would-be victim to triangulate her position. I wanted to play against what the audience would generally expect but didn’t want to disappoint them by giving them way more than they expected either. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Like our site? He takes Babyface's costume and axe, and violently axes the actor to death. Serena is shocked to find bloodied bodies in the room, which turns out to be a smoke house. However, the director Wilson Wyler Concannon and the movie vanished many years ago and there is no available print. The Hills run Red - Drehbuch des Todes (uncut). I think it makes it a little more entertaining for audiences, and it’s different than the average slasher movie. If you are wondering if Scream Factory was able to obtain the uncut footage, sadly they were not. “Originally, our four leads were all student filmmakers shooting a sequel to the lost movie. Director Parker also made a very low-budget zombie feature for Charles Band’s Full Moon Entertainment back in 2000 ‘The Dead Hate the Living!’ which has since garnered a cult following. During the night, they are attacked by the rednecks, but they are saved by Babyface that kills the assaulters and is controlled by Alexa that runs away from him. Along their journey, Tyler films and interviews some locals. Tyler wants to find the ‘The Hills Run Red’ and make a documentary on the production’s history. Sometimes you can only see these things when you are editing the film,” Burnett said. Sprachen (Video 2009). [NSFW] All of the HALLOWEEN Nudity (and more) in One Post! Januar 2010 in den Shop aufgenommen. - Hills Run Red, The (2009)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 February 2020, at 20:51. We’d be the first guys in the forest – I could totally see us doing exactly what they did.”. Babyface, angered by Alexa's apparent death, turns on Concannon and fights him. Daryl Loomis from DVD Verdict gave the film a positive review stating "The Hills Run Red is an above average little horror movie that is a love affair with horror for its director. A group of young horror fans go searching for a film that mysteriously vanished years ago but instead find that the demented killer from the movie is real, and he's thrilled to meet fans who will die gruesomely for his art. The movie was reviewed with the 5.1 settings, and it sounded great with some good rear channel use. Rent/Buy. The makeup work on Babyface is another plus, because that mask is pretty damn creepy. The Hills Run Red “For me, this was a guy in a mask so the rape has an otherworldly aspect to it. “Ultimately the studio might be right with these cuts so we had to make the storytelling work without the missing pieces. [6], J.R. McNamara from Digital praised the film calling it "the best 80s styled slasher [films]" "[With] perfect sized doses (all lethal) of beatings, brutalizations, babes and breasts all make for a great film". What you see in the teaser is a little different than what’s in the movie though.”. It was too reflective. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); Original Title: Un fiume di dollari. One of the scenes Parker initially questioned involved the rape of one of the female leads. Some may think the film does not deserve this kind of treatment, but I think once you check the movie out and get over the initial slow beginning, you will begin to appreciate its intriguing take on the slasher genre. Concannon screams out that he is Babyface's father. If we went farther in showing what happened (the movie ultimately cuts away from the act itself), I still wonder if it would it have been too much for audiences.”, Parker added, “I don’t want to make ugly movies. Regie führte Genremeister Dave Parker, der Macher von Return of the Living Dead He saw it and asked why were we doing this movie with Fever Dreams for $350,000 only because with that budget, we’d never really be able to reach our vision. Alexa then ties Tyler up and forces him to watch her cut of The Hills Run Red, driving him insane. Tyler's obsession with the film leads him to neglect his girlfriend Serena. Tyler drives out to Concannon's home, accompanied by Serena, Lalo, and Alexa. The Hills Run Red still keeps to the ideals of the slasher flicks of the 80s but takes a lot of those conventions and turns them on their heads. Tyler, Alexa, his cheating girlfriend Serena (Janet Montgomery), and his backstabbing friend Lalo (Alex Wyndham) all head out into the woods to find Alexa’s childhood home/filming location, in hopes they will find the lost footage somewhere close. “Initially we were pushed to make The Hills Run Red as nasty as we could,” explained Parker. [NSFW] All of FRIDAY THE 13TH Nudity in One Post! I think if we would have gone there, we would have lost part of the audience.”. I want there to still be a bit of a roller coaster ride to my film so I don’t want the audience to walk away feeling awful. [7] There were a few scenes from this film that came in, and as a producer I felt like they had nothing to do with Tyler’s quest to find the lost film so I didn’t feel like they belong in the final film. “In other slasher movies Jason has a shrine to his mother, Michael creates a display of his sister, and so why not have our killer make his own private theater? Tyler is obsessed with the horror film The Hills Run Red, considered the scariest movie ever made, with the deranged serial killer Babyface in the lead role. Audio is presented in both DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and 2.0. “The label says ‘not suitable for minors.’ How great is that? He is not some lumbering idiot, but quite intelligent when hunting down his victims. When Tyler discovers that Concannon's daughter Alexa works in a night-club, he decides to meet her and asks about the missing movie. His research is affecting his relationship with his girlfriend Serina that is needy and feels neglected. An undertaker's birthday party is interrupted when Jacob Goodnight rises from the dead and proceeds to terrorize her and her friends. In den Hauptrollen agieren Sophie Monk (Klick) und William Sadler (Der Nebel). Set up as members of a macabre audience are the corpses of all those who died in the filming of The Hills Run Red, including Concannon and Lalo. Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, This is a pretty good "B" slasher movie, and was actually entertaining for most part and the nudity especially by elevates it. We spend a lot of time with either Tyler convincing Alexa (props for strip club boobies, though) or them heading out into woods. %privacy_policy%. "ChromeSkull" is the sequel to the 2009 horror hit "Laid to Rest." Would love your thoughts, please comment. Alexa informs Tyler that the movie might be in her father's home in the woods. Burnett said, “Making The Hills Run Red was a weird self-reflexive thing for us as we’ve been documentarians together for a while now. Scream Factory’s Blu-ray shines even more when we take a look at the special features section. [8], Gareth Jones from Dread Central awarded the film a score of 4/5 stating "If you’re a fan of slasher flicks, or even just truly inventive and twisted horror, you owe it to yourself to pick it up". “If I saw that sticker as a kid in a store, I would have to see that movie. He also tells Tyler that Alexa was only thirteen years old when she "had him", indicating Babyface is a child born of incest between father and daughter. Laufzeit The Hills Run Red Blu-ray Review (Scream Factory). var _g1; Scream Factory has loaded the Blu with tons of new features, including new interviews with the writer and director, composer, and executive producer. In this case, the film is called – you guessed it – The Hills Run Red, and the film had a short run in a few local theatres, but it was deemed to be too bloody and violent, and the director, Wilson Wyler Concannon (William Sadler with a very serial killer name if I have ever heard one) disappeared shortly after. So him and his friends venture out into the woods to find it, but they are in for more than they bargained for. If was I to sling some negative towards The Hills Run Red, it would be that it takes a bit too long to get going. John Carchietta, Robert Meyer Burnett, Carl Morano & Jonathan Tzachor & Joel Silver Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Aktivieren Sie JavaScript, um alle Funktionen des Shops nutzen und alle Inhalte sehen zu können. The plot was interesting and the acting wasn't that bad either, it can be said the same for the atmosphere and there were some good tense moments as well. On the way, they are bound and attacked by rednecks, who threaten to rape Alexa and Serena. Concannon is dissatisfied with the actor portraying Babyface, and angrily explains to him how to properly make a scene feel scary. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); A young girl wakes up in a casket with a head injury and no memory of her identity. Finally, there are a few twists and turns that may or may not surprise you, and they all work in favour of improving the story. Heather Wixson So Parker and Burnett filmed and cut together a teaser trailer (see below) to give the studio an idea of just why Parker’s vision for The Hills Run Red was the perfect fit. Burnett and Parker shot the teaser trailer in March, 2007, during a day-long shoot. The idea of creating characters that the audience could engage with and want to follow was important to them, especially since a lot of slasher films these days offer up very one-dimensional characters that you generally don’t really care about their journey or their fate by the end of the film. I wanted to create a look that would stand alongside all the other iconic faces in horror.”. The Boulet Brothers’ Creatures of the Night. The Hills Run Red. But The Hills Run Red rises above and avoids obscurity because of a fun story and an even more fun slasher by the name of Babyface. A weekend of camping in the mountains becomes an excursion into hell for a young couple, who become pawns in a grotesque plot hatched by deranged locals. Three young people check into the Meadow View Inn for a night's rest, fully unaware of the inn's sick-minded employees and their nefarious intentions. It's a good idea that is pulled off reasonably well. The story for The Hills Run Red is going to sound familiar to many horror fans. Use the HTML below. The Hills Run Red is one of those Dark Castle straight-to-DVD films much like another Dark Castle movie called Return to House on Haunted Hill.It is low budget and does not have many big-name actors (except for William Sadler but even his big star credit is a subject for debate). more. } catch(e) {}. try { Thanks to Dave and Robert for taking the time to speak with us. What this means is we get a pretty clean-looking video transfer (Scream Factory does not divulge where the transfer comes from, but I am assuming it is the same HD transfer used for online streaming services) though the source isn’t noted.