in northern Manhattan and connects New York to New Jersey. Here's another perspective. The dance at the gym is controlled violence, a stand-in for the murderous melee to follow. (I wonder what kind of dance that kid is doing?). ...who now dance down 68th Street past the Endicott Shipping company at #241.

", Another way to match up addresses is to do a Google search for the store names on buildings. They are in front of #249 West 68th Street as we saw in the earlier photo with Jerome Robbins. (A revealing anecdote relates how the blistered and bruised dancers burned their kneepads outside Robbins' office after he finally approved a take of Cool for the film.).

The insurance-map of the street (from the Library) confirms that there was a garage there. It was the "set" - as it were. Riff, the leader, gets a basketball and isn't sure he's going to give it back to -- yes, McCauley Culkin's father - in a bit part as a youth. The school behind the gangs is new, having replaced an older one after the movie came out. Other than the prologue, almost all the rest of the movie was filmed on soundstages in Hollywood, specifically the Samuel Goldwyn Studios at 7200 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. (you can CLICK TO ENLARGE IT.). The camera shows the Jets from Bernardo's point-of-view. (officially it's called Charging Bull and by Arturo Di Modica.). There's more detail in the photo below. Why wasn't this page useful? He and some of the other Jets dance east toward the river. Here's another view, from a different angle, of where the school would have been at the intersection of 68th and Amsterdam. Contrary to popular belief, the prologue of West Side Story was not filmed where Lincoln Center is today, which is between 62nd and 66th streets in the foreground of the picture below.

Formerly a public school (P.S.

The next scene cuts to the area of 68th Street near the school. But the prologue was actually filmed in two locations and edited together.

Those walks - sauntering, swaggering, stealthy - establish the mood and scene and quickly morph into choreography that propels the narrative. Here's the scene again. However, Robbins took the simple conventions of the costume ball and the sword fight and transformed them into a glorious melee of jazzy, balletic explosions of dance to grab attention, ratchet up anxiety, and break hearts.

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is the inspiration for the tragedy of Tony and Maria. Robbins' acute observation and his mastery of ballet informed the style of each leap and gesture in West Side Story.Street gangs and gang warfare -- a very present reality in New York City at the time the show's creators envisioned it -- were rough, suggestive, crude, violent, and possessed of a distinctive swagger. It was half-way demolished, especially the southern side of the block; it would soon be completely demolished. Of all the buildings used in the film, this has been given a fake sign (for a travel agency) and a fake address, #180 (West 68th). Here's the front cover: Some of the authors spoke about the book at a gathering at the Drama Book Shop, 250 West 40th St., in New York (which I attended). Robbins chose use contrasting costumes for his Puerto Rican and White American dancers in Prologue to further highlight this social conflict. Please help us improve. A second, lower deck for cars and trucks (which is why I had initially discounted the bridge) was built between late 1959 and August 1962. Here's where it is on a map of 68th Street. And that's it.

Notice all the boarded up windows. (note: this is why the Yankees are often called "The Bronx Bombers."). He exhorted his dancers, all highly trained professionals in the classic arts, to stroll or step across the stage like tough young hoods and segue into the dancing. Robbins' acute observation and his mastery of ballet informed the style of each leap and gesture in West Side Story. CUT TO: the far western end of 68th Street. Rather than try to force landlords to repair hundreds of dilapidated, neglected tenements, the city decided to replace them with modern residential towers, a world-class entertainment complex (Lincoln Center), and also provide land for the growth of educational centers Julliard School and Fordham University. Here's where it is on the map. In this scene, the Jets face-off against the Sharks over a basketball in the playground. Jerome Robbins, the director, has been quoted as saying the production company paid the Lincoln Center contractor to knock down 68th Street last, so they could film. The actors have written that they had a great time making this scene, but after each take they had to change completely to get the paint off- so it took many hours to film it - and the actors got giddy by late in the day.). 249 West 68th Street) above a door. ", To locate it, first I go to the microfilm room at the New York Public Library where they have old phone books on microfilm. ...except for Riff, the lead Jet, who's somehow left behind on 110th Street. Welcome to West Side Story, where the movement tells the tale. They are in front of St. Matthew's Rectory which is mid-block on 68th street. It stretches from 60th Street to 70th Street.

The Neighborhood - The months before From left to right they are: Bert Michaels, Eddie Verso, Harvey Hohnocker, and David Bean. -Accumiliation. Now we recognize the letters "Ga" for "garage" horizontally under the word "Royal. (The camera has actually turned around and we are looking south now.). (Anyone with a NYPL library card can use it. This is a map of the street. He rehearsed and reviewed each dance endlessly, running so far over budget when the Broadway show was made into the award-winning movie that he was fired from the film. The prologue begins with a fly-over of the city, then zooms down to the streets, where the Sharks and Jets confront and taunt each other until the local police detective comes to break things up. Every single move in West Side Story reflected that reality. You can see Castle Clinton on the bottom right. Now, still on the western end of 68th Street, a Jet is about to be caught spray-painting a modest insult about the Sharks on the wall of an already knocked-down building. You can buy the film on DVD or buy the soundtrack on CD at places that sell digital entertainment. I find the Royal Garage at 222 West 68th.