Prine wrote only five of the ten songs, however, and even though the covers were of high caliber -- notably Roly Salley's "Killing the Blues" and Arthur Gunter's "Baby Let's Play House," a song Elvis Presley did at Sun -- Pink Cadillac was a good idea that went slightly awry in the execution. Springsteen's version of "Pink Cadillac" is often compared to the Peter Gunn theme by Henry Mancini, which it resembles in its main riff and saxophone break. Aretha Franklin is sometimes mis-credited as a singer of "Pink Cadillac" as the imagery occurs in her 1985 comeback hit "Freeway of Love" with the same metaphoric sense as in the Springsteen original, the lyric being: "We're going riding on the freeway of love in my pink Cadillac". Slapback bass here, a Bo Diddley beat there, and an overall loose feel characterized music that may have been more fun to make than it is to listen to, even though it's quite entertaining. Switchfoot's frontman and main songwriter on what inspires the songs and how he got the freedom to say exactly what he means. In the song, the builder wants to build a car that will be worth over a hundred thousand dollars one day. [6] It also went direct to video in the United Kingdom, without a cinema release. It’s not precise on how long it took other 'One Piece at A Time' Cadillacs to be thrown together. He was very passionate about his work [and] his enthusiasm gave me the confidence that I could pull [the song] off." Many Springsteen songs make references to cars. Who sang the original song "Woman is a Devil" performed by the Doors? After the initial introduction, the two men became long-time friends. [14], Bette Midler added "Pink Cadillac" to the set list for her 1982-83 De Tour tour and recorded the song for inclusion on her 1983 No Frills album; however, Springsteen blocked the release of Midler's version on the grounds that "Pink Cadillac" wasn't a "girl's song". Springsteen originally wrote "Pink Cadillac" as "Love Is a Dangerous Thing" in December 1981; this version was lyrically distinct from the eventual "Pink Cadillac" except for the line "Eve tempted Adam with an apple", which Springsteen decided to make the basis for a more lighthearted lyric. See if you can spot the real concert mishaps. In contrast, the movie Eastwood made just prior to Pink Cadillac, the fifth Dirty Harry movie, The Dead Pool, grossed $37,903,295.[5]. Songs have been written about Cadillac since the creation of Cadillac. Alice Cooper causing mayhem with a chicken? PINK CADILLAC BASS & VOCALS. Related: LISTEN: Chris Cornell Covers Johnny Cash Song. The film eventually grossed $12,143,484. "[4], Pink Cadillac was released in May 1989, opening against Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 29 in 1976. However, the song was written by ‘Honky Tonk Wine’ singer, Wayne Kemp. It is the laziest sort of action comedy, with lumbering chase scenes, a dull-witted script and the charmless pairing of Mr. Eastwood and Bernadette Peters." The album peaked at number 45 on the Billboard Top Country Albums in July 1989. Once the promotion ended, Fitzpatrick collected the car and destroyed it. "Pink Cadillac" is a song by Bruce Springsteen released as the non-album B-side of "Dancing in the Dark" in 1984. A white supremacist group is chasing Lou Ann (Bernadette Peters), whose husband Roy (Timothy Carhart) is a member. Patch, who build the car for charity, then presented the makeshift car to Johnny Cash in 1977. The song was played on the 7836th episode of the American daytime television soap opera General Hospital on November 11, 1993, during a scene when Luke & Laura were in a pink Cadillac car on their way to GH. Pink Cadillac was released in May 1989, opening against Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. She is a Tips Expert with a serious appreciation for vehicles since she was a certified race car driver. According to the song, it was after the second day when he got all the chrome. Wilson Pickett had a Mustang that may, or may not, have been named Sally. One of the most memorable songs about the make has to be ‘Pink Cadillac’ since it was recorded over the decades by several major artists including Bruce Springsteen. In turn, the cars eventually inspired lots of promotional swag. Related: 13 Everyday Things That Diminish The Value Of Your Car. Pink Cadillac is a 1989 American action comedy film about a bounty hunter and a group of white supremacists chasing after an innocent woman who tries to outrun everyone in her husband's prized pink Cadillac. She has inadvertently taken counterfeit money from them by running away with his car (the pink Cadillac), which held the supremacists' stash. But it has always bothered me a little that the recording is in mono and mono recordings is least to me...hard to enjoy while listening when using headphones. The line is actually a reference to Buddy Holly's "Fade Away" (recorded by The Rolling Stones as "Not Fade Away") which has a line that goes: "And my love is bigger than a Cadillac/I'll try to show it if you drive me back. (Sam produced two of the tracks himself.) 2 by Clarence Clemons and Temple of Soul. The very American song "What Made Milwaukee Famous" was never a big hit in the US, but Rod Stewart made it famous in the UK. Whether the song says the name of the car in the song’s title or captures it in a lyric, musicians have written love letters to their favorite GM model. Staind's big moment came in 1999 when lead singer Aaron Lewis played "Outside" on Limp Bizkit's Family Values tour. Natalie Cole's cover was a #5 hit in 1988. Lyrics to 'Pink Cadillac' by Jerry Lee Lewis. [7] According to Cole, "word got back" to her that Bruce Springsteen "thought it was very cool that a woman could [sing "Pink Cadillac"] and it would come out so great". The film stars Clint Eastwood and Bernadette Peters and also has small cameo appearances by Jim Carrey and Bryan Adams. They eventually fight the white supremacists and retrieve the baby. And GM's Cadillac has been a muse more times than most can count. But here are some interesting facts about a novelty song that might just shine some light on the entire masterpiece, which is all about a makeshift, puzzle-pieced together Caddy. In the novel Elvis makes a cameo appearance, giving the heroine, Daisy Holliday, one of his pink Cadillacs as a gift after she helps him get it running. Even Cash’s daughter, Roseanne Cash, paid tribute to her late father in 2006, with a song entitled, ‘Black Cadillac’. Johnny Cash, The Man in Black, who certainly knew how to ‘Walk the Line’, but preferred driving, was certainly a well-known Cadillac enthusiast. The 2003 album Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen includes a rendition of "Pink Cadillac" by Graham Parker. It may be of some interest to know that there were three writers who wrote the song "Pink" that was sung by Aerosmith. Peddle to the medal and they were off. It has a 21% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The tranny found in the average ’53 was for a Hydramatic V8- 331 cubic inches. According to biographer, Michael Streissguth, Kemp was inspired to write the hit song after hearing a story about a man who stole parts from a base to make a helicopter. [5], Springsteen performed the song at a concert in Turku, Finland, on May 7, 2013. Johnny Cash married his long-time duet star, June Carter, in 1968. The song was requested by fans and chosen by Springsteen as part of a Springsteen tradition where Springsteen collects signs suggesting songs to be played from fans in the front rows and then chooses a few of those songs (not otherwise on the setlist) to be played.[6]. The first lyrics Springsteen wrote for "Pink Cadillac" were: "They say Eve tempted Adam with an apple but man I ain't going for that/ I know it was her pink Cadillac". "Pink Cadillac" is a 1984 humorous rockabilly song by Bruce Springsteen that is most known as a 1988 Top 10 hit single, recorded in R & B fashion, by Natalie Cole. Except it was "Extensively redesigned" according to Cadillac. [1] The song was also a prominent concert number during Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. Tour.